Battle for Salvation GT!

It is Columbas Day Weekend this week, and that means The Battle For Salvation!

The BFS has become one of the prime time GTs in the north east. Sadly, I cannot attend this year because my little sister is getting married, but that doesn't mean you should not!  There is still openings as of today.

Why should you go? Well first of all it is easy to get to from any where from Virginia to Maine.  That means that lots of the big names make it!  You could get a chance to match your army vs Mike Brandt and Neil Gilstrap, the two finalists last year.

But more than that, it is just fun. It is a well run, low key, competitive GT. There is also a big game going on if that is your taste.

So take a look at the site and if you have the time, get out to the BFS this week!

It will be worth the last minute trip.


This week look for me to do some updates on my Lamenters army which is turning out to be a VERY last minute project, and also another review on Revolution.  Just 13 days til The Walking Dead season 3!


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