Sad Face and Feast of Blades final list

So I just got an email from an asshole friend, showing me what I will be missing at BFS this year.  Damn you Brandt...

It seems Mike  Brandt is going to Battle for Salvation this year with a little more than winning in mind!

Wish I could go.

The reason I am writing today is to talk about my final list for Feast of Blades.

I submitted it and there is no turning back!  I was bouncing back and forth right up to last night on what to include. I was going to actually pull the trigger on some Dread Assault Pods from Forgeworld, but it seems Blood Angels cannot use them.  Phooey.

Any way, my list now is almost entirely different from what it was last time I posted.

Librarian with JP

10 man Tact with Flamer and Plasma Cannon and pod
10 man Assault with Melta x2 and Fist
10 man Scout with all snipers and cloaks
5 man scout with snipers and cloaks
10 man Death Company with Fist and JUMP PACKS! 375 points... ouch
9 man Sternguard in pod, with a priest attached
10 man Vanguard Vets with PW and melta bomb and Jump Packs
1 assault priest with JP and PS
1 other priest to go with the tacticals in the back and keep them alive

Gone are the bikers completely along with my awesome Biker Priest. He was just too many points, 110, for a single wound model with no invul save.

In play testing the bikers, while tough to kill, simply didnt provide enough bang for their buck.  They could lay down some nice shots, but once they were in assault they were near useless with their one attack each.

The list is pretty straight forward and every unit has an obvious role.

The tacticals with priest hang back, deploying while their pod remains empty, allowing me control over when my Vets come down.  They lob plasma cannon shots at whatever is in range and hold an objective. The priest performs double duty, because hopefully I have two objectives close enough to string the 10 man scouts and tacts together to get his FNP bubble.  Both units are designed to absorb shots. The five man scout will be used to take out of the way objectives, infiltrating if need be, and going to ground most of the game.

The DC with Jump Packs were a must. I wanted to play them as they are awesome now, and the only way to get them into assault is jump packs.  So I bit the bullet. I will attach the librarian and give him new rulebook powers. At the very least they will get to reroll attacks on the charge, and hopefully a 4+ invul to the unit.

I will time the assault so that the DC are hitting a target hopefully at the same time the Vanguard Vets are dropping and using Heroic Intervention and the sternguard are laying down the Special Ammo pain.  That should mean I am wiping out an entire flank of the enemy army at once.  Then the assault marines follow up and clean up the mess.

That is about it!  Nothing ground breaking, but I hope it is a little meta breaking.  I don't care what you are packing, 67 marines with FNP in cover are tough to kill.  Bring on Cron Air, and some of the other ridiculous lists. I will play for a draw and make him beat me.

Now to paint it.  Feast of Blades starts in three weeks. I have three of the 67 models in this list painted. Gulp...  Plus I am going away this weekend for a wedding, and next weekend for my sisters moving party... :(

So between now and when my flight takes off I have to get about 20 models done a week. You all know how fast I paint.... I might have to send the wife and kid away for a weekend so I can focus!  I will definitely have the army table ready, but I doubt I will be able to get it Best Painted competitive as was my hope.  And sadly, FoB will be the only chance for this Lamenters army to compete, as I will be starting my new BA/Steel Legion armageddon army right away after Feast.

In WarTV news, Fritz is back from dead. Issues at work and home have kept him pinned down but we touched base last night and have some plans for a broadcast coming up. Right before Feast we will be broadcasting a podcast type show where he, Jim and I simply chat 40k and our views.  We don't get to do much of that while broadcasting a game.  We plan on making it available for download as a podcast too.

That is it for now! There is still time to register for Feast. Between the ultra competitive invitational, and the old school open designed for the hobbiest, in which I am playing, there will be something for every one!  It will be a whos who of 40k as east coast and west meet up in the middle.  Cant wait!



Doc Railgun said...

Wow, sounds like my White Dwarf Codex list, though that had a dreadnought in it.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Good luck man! I have to paint up a crap ton of Chaos stuff too - figuring out the list this weekend, buying crap, and then painting more crap. The good thing is that my cultists are done - 60 assholes all up and finished!

Can't wait to shoot the s$$t with you in Denver. Hopefully we can get a game in eh?

Jawaballs said...

Yah Goat! I am probably not playing in the doubles on Friday which means I will have free time to get in open games for you and any one else who whats to throw down. Cant wait!

Jeff F said...

May I request a YouTube video battle report of this potential Friday Fight Night?

Jawa vs Goatboy
Blood Angels vs Chaos
Lemonheads vs assholes (Goatboy's quote, not mine)

Jawaballs said...

If goat and I play, it will be batrepped, and maybe even broadcast live!

Kevinmcd28 said...

Brandt lost his 2nd game today...

Sinistermind said...

Dont suppose you're considering Daboyz Gt this year since its only 2 weeks after feast right?

Sinistermind said...

I don't suppose you would consider hitting up Daboyz GT since feast is only 2 weeks prior right?

Sinistermind said...

Dont suppose you're considering Daboyz Gt this year since its only 2 weeks after feast right?

WolflordAkela said...

Jawaballs vs Goatboy
Definitely needs a battep, that's some terminator versus robocop stuff right there.

Jawaballs said...

Yup I'm planning on daboyz!

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