Mechanicon List and The Walking Dead

Hey Folks!

Mechanicon first.

I will be heading over to The Meadowlands tonight and entering The Mechanicon at The Warstore Weekend.  What am I playing you ask?

Being a 1500 point tournament, my Lamenters were not going to work.  That army is designed for 2k.  Luckily I had a fairly effective list set up for around that point total using my Blood Angels and Tau!

Here we go:

Blood Angels:
Librarian with JP
Assault squad x10 Melta x2 PW
Assault squad x10 Melta, Flamer PW
Scout with Snipers x5 with Missile and cloaks
Priests with JP and PW x2
Aegis Defense line
900 points

Suit Commander with TL Burst Cannons and Missile Pod, drone controller and 1 shield drone
Fire Warriors x6
Pathfinders x8 with markers, Devil Fish, Drone Controller, gun drone, bonding knife
Broadsides x3 with  2 Target Lock (multi targets per squad) and 1 drone controller with 2 shield drones
600 points

1500 total


Well, I sorta sit back and annoy people by stripping them of cover saves with the pathfinders and blasting them off the table with my suits.  That's about it!  In a lot of games, broadsides push opponents out of their comfort zone and force them to make decisions they would not otherwise make.  This may mean rushing forward when they would not normally. Hopefully there is armor to blast!  Any way, I thin the rushing herd, and focus on what gets close first with my assault marines.  The fire warriors hide for their lives, and jump into the Devilfish when it comes out of reserve. Or both stay in reserve and hopefully come onto the table at the same time. Then they do their best to be useful. Usually this means the fish goes out and provides cover for me when it dies, and the warriors cower behind a rock and go to ground, hopefully within 2" of an objective.

I don't expect to win a lot of games, hopefuly three out of five.  But I'm not going there to really win games this weekend. I just want to go hang out with my buds and shake off the disappointment of losing out on going to Feast of Blades.

The Walking Dead, Episode Two, Season Three:

I don't have time to do the usual write up this week, but I have one thing to say: Rick Grimes is No Joke.

My only question is, why did he not machette that con the minute he mouthed off?  Fear of the rest of the group? Rick would understand that those guys would understand one thing only, strength.  Hacking that guy in the head would have been all he needed to earn their respect.  Instead he waited to be in a situation where he was relying on this douche to perform, and of course the guy screwed him and threw a walker at him.

I did love the scene though.  No hesitation. Whack. Dead con. Even more heartless though was how he dealt with the other guy!  I loved it!  "Here is the door, you better run."

I didn't understand the decision to give a group of armed cons their own cell block.  What the hell did they think was going to happen?  It was going to be a matter of minutes before the cons were doing what cons do best.  Any way, the end result was as it should have been. 5 cons, who survived for 10 months, are reduced to two by Rick and company in a matter of minutes.

Now, I do believe that the remaining two can be of use if Rick would just smarten up.  Especially the black dude. He no doubt has a certain code, and I believe he would honor it if given the chance.

The rest of the episode?  Hershel got bit by a telegraphed zombie. I wish they had just had one rush in as usual and get a lucky bite off. Instead it was playing possum.  But then Carol all the sudden being able to do surgery because Hershel "taught her a few things"?

Carl almost had a moment of greatness. He did the Shane thing and ran off and got the meds. But then when faced with his over bearing mother, ruined it all and reverted to temper tantrum kid again and ran off.  I think this was a great time to have him show signs of Shane even more deliberately. Maybe him storming off sort of was a parallel.  At any rate, I think we can expect good things in this regard and need to pay attention to Carl who is no doubt haunted by Shane's ghost.

We can expect a heavy dose of Michone and Andrea next week.  It will be interesting to hopefully get some answers about the military, and finally see what the story is with The Governor.

Cant wait! I love this show.

See you guys at Mechanicon! I will have some footage soon.



TheRhino said...

I think Rick was just trying to "stay human" with the prisoners. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, since they had NO CLUE what they were dealing with. The first fight against the walkers the prisoners engaged in was hilarious comedic relief. But, when the prisoners decided to show their true colors, BAM, Rick puts down the threat without a blink.
I think the thing that set Carl off was when Beth took Lori's side and berated him for talking to Lori "like that." His one budding friend turned on him, and he was upset about it.
I really wish we could somehow get a glimpse of what has happened to characters the group has encountered and then left: the Morales family who went off to Alabama, the Hispanic gangers in the city, the guy and his sone who rescued Rick. Definietly beyond the scope of the show, though.
I think Merle reappears next episode as well.

ShotDownMind said...

Carol didnt do any surgery.

Why did they take the DR in the first place.

I agree, he should have just killed those fucks in the yard as soon as they were outside the block. I figured Rick figured they would be good fodder for cleaning out nearby areas.

great first two episodes after the horrible boring year of farmville.

Jawaballs said...

I didn't say she did surgery, but they alluded to the fact that she could, and she was out practicing on zombies preparing to do a C-section...

I suppose that in a pinch, the survivors would do what they had to do, and Hershel would indeed prep who he thought was most capable with some basic instructions though...

I hadn't thought about him being scolded by the cute blonde and embarrassed. Perhaps another parallel has been drawn, like Shane being scolded by Lori infront of the group pissing him off...

The best way for him to deal with the cons was the yard I agree. The minute the dude with the gun lowered it, Rick should have done a fast draw like he did in the bar with the other guys and red misted his head, splattering the rest of them in the face. They would have followed him to the moon after that.

Hulksmash said...

I disagree with them following him to the moon after he blasts a dude. I think that Rick didn't "take care" of the prisoners because he believes in giving people a chance and secondly because he could use them. You'll notice that the first two figths on their way to clear out the convicts cell block that the prisoners were all out front. And it probably would have happened again if the idiot hadn't opened both doors.

In my opinion you only have two options with the prisoners. Just kill them all or trust them till they break their word. There is no middle ground. Just offhandly killing one means you've warned the others to be careful of how dangerous you are but that kind of dominance doesn't last. So if you make the decision not to kill them all you do what Rick did. And once anyone breaks their word you break them with no hesitation. That shows you are dangerous but that you also keep your word. Which is why that remaining black guy might actually be able to be integrated into the group at some point. Which wouldn't have happened if he just blasted Tomas off the bat.

As for Carl I don't think it's a parallel to anything. I think in this case you're reading to far into it. I'm personally starting to see him as more of a teenager (leaning toward adult) and as a teenager who's pissed, did something right, been scolded for it and then for a girl you're probably interested to also scold you means the best thing to do is walk away. It's not Lori's words he cares about anymore. In fact, I'd say he basically considers her a non-entity. I also doubt Shane's ghost is haunting him. He shot a walker and he, of everyone in the group, is most likely to see a clear line between family/friend and walker. Plus, why feel guilty about a dude you saw try to kill your dad and then whose corpse you shot.

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