Mechanicon next weekend!

Mechanicon is coming up next weekend!  Ted Nagel reminded me about it and if you are free next weekend, and live in the NorthEast, it is a great way to spend your weekend.

It is being held at the meadowlands, near Giants Stadium.  Or some where around there.  But it is not just Mechanicon any more!

The boys of Mechanicon have joined forces with Neal at The Warstore as part of Warstore Weekend at The Meadowlands Crowne Plaza.

Mechanicon first:

This is their fourth year as a GT, and still remains one of my favorites.  It is the true hobbiest GT.  I won Mechanicon a couple years ago, coming back from 10th place for the win.  At most places, a guy in 10th place pretty much has no chance. But Mechanicon evens the field by taking away some of the focus on battle points, and strengthening the focus on Painting, and Sportsmanship.  This reduces the net list impact, and allows most guys a chance!  I took 3rd my first year and 1st my second, and hardly played lists that were traditionally killy. But being a good dude, and having a pretty army carried me through.  That is what makes Mechanicon special.

But also, Tony Spino and crew are just good dudes.  Mechanicon has a happy, family friendly feel to it.  More than one player will be there with his young son for example.  More so than at any other GT I have been to, the players seem to gel and socialize. There will be competitive lists, but the overall feel of the event is one of just having fun.  Not so with so competitive a tournament as the Nova Invitational.  There is nothing wrong with that competitive drive, but it is refreshing to go to a GT where even the guys at the top tables are enjoying a beer and sharing a conversation while playing rather than lording over their armies for 3 hours, oblivious to the fact that there is some one standing on the other side of the table.

Having to bail on Feast of Blades has opened a window that I may be able to take advantage of for Mechanicon this year. If I can work it out, I will try to scoot over as it is only an hour away from me. But if YOU are fee next week, this is one event you should definitely check out and see for yourself!

TheWarstore Weekend:

Two years ago Neal at The Warstore started a Warstore Con for the gamer. I didn't make it, and the following year I believe it was cancelled due to a personal issue, but this year it is back in force!  It fits with every thing that Mechanicon was about. Mechanicon was about more than just a 40k GT. They offered multiple rooms of gaming fun and events covering all sorts of games and interests. Well, now The Warstore has that covered! Makes sense to me. The point is that there are many different tournaments going on, and you even get bonus points at Mechanicon if you play in another event during the weekend!  You can definitely see for yourself all of the awesome that is The Warstore Weekend. So take a look and see where your interests take you.

You still have time to register for Mechanicon. If you get your list in by this weekend, you get bonus points. It is close to every one, so take a look! I am going to see if I can swing it.  Maybe see you there!



Donz0 said...

Are you going to get one of your famed pre-tourney videos put out for us? We do miss them so very much.

Jawaballs said...

Because you ask for it, it will be done! I just bought my ticket. I'm gona crash with my friend Ted Nagel. Should be a good time! I'm definitely disappointed about not being able to go to Denver, but this will fill the hole.

Jeff F said...

Are you bringing the list meant for Feast of Blades?

Jawaballs said...

No Mechanicon is only 1500 points. FoB was much bigger and that list would not work scaled down. I am just going to play my Blood Angels with some Tau.

Ian Johnson said...

Does this mean we will never get to see the finished lamenters?

Jawaballs said...

Oh god no, I worked too hard on them.. :)

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