The Zombie Axiom

The Walking Dead is just weeks away! So it is time to start gearing up for all things zombie!  To do so I wanted to take a moment to present again The Zombie Axiom by my good friend David Monette. You can find his Kickstarter HERE.  David is a writer and illustrator who has had his work published all over the place like on Magic cards and magazine covers.

David has written his own zombie horror novel, set in upstate NY. This one however takes a unique spin by doing away with the usual super virus that illogically allows dead tissue to live again. That never did make sense!  Dave adds a bit of Science Fiction and a bit of Fantasy to the genre and makes it all work in an interesting and believable way. His book is easily one of the best zombie books I have read!

The mayhem starts off in Montreal, Quebec and works it's way down to New York where a band of survivors do their best to hold out against the horde.

David's kickstarter ends in just a few days. He is attempting to self publish the novel. In the kickstarter he has a tier where you can get a PDF, Ebook and paper back version of the book, but also some great rewards such as a tier where you can send Dave a picture of yourself, and he will do a drawing of you as a zombie!  Who doesn't want to see themselves as a zombie?? He also has tiers where you can get original oil paintings and other great works of his.

So don't miss out on your chance to get this great book, and a chance to help a good dude get a leg up.

Again, HERE is his Kickstarter. Take a look and get in on this project!



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