X-Wing gaming table!

Here is a work in progress shot of a side project I have going on. This is my X-Wing gaming table!  Fritz got me into the game and of course I can't just do something like this part way.

I'm  all in baby!

This table is 36x48 inches. From what I could tell, the standard tournament size for an X wing game is 36x36 however some guys play on a bigger 48" table.  So I created this 48" long but left a foot unpainted, creating a divider at 36".

I was playing around with finish, and put an X wing logo in the right and used some Mod Podge gloss over the top to seal it in.  That is why it is so shiney there.  I'm going to finish the entire board with the mod podge, then give it a Matte finish.

The painting itself is not really what I was hoping for.  I think I should have done the galaxy much thicker at the center. I do sorta like the little nebula effects, especially the one on the bottom right.  I need to add more color as well...

The board was made on 1/2" thick particle board, and framed with 1.5" x 3/4" wooden molding.

I will hopefully get a chance to break in this table on Monday against Fritz for my first full game of X wing!

What do I have?

I went imperial. I have a swarm of Ties, Tie Interceptors, Bombers, a Lamda Shuttle, Fett, and Vaders fighter.  I always like the images from the movies of the massive swarms of Tie Fighters flying at the Rebel ships.  Speaking of which, I hope in the future they put out some more movies that cover the dog fights better, maybe even from the imperial point of view!

Are you guys into X wing?  What are you playing? What is a winning tournament list?



YourSwordisMine said...

That is a nice board! I really like the foot wide sideboard idea.

And yeah, I bought heavy into X-Wing... I'm well on my way to filling the Battlefoam case I got for it... I still need more A-Wings and Interceptors however... lol

And Set 3 is almost next to impossible to find locally...

Jawaballs said...

I don't really have a local store. The nearest that really stocks stuff is an hour away. SO I bought mine from Spikey Bits. http://www.spikeybits.com/servlet/the-BITS/Categories

Fritz said...

WoW! Custom Jawa x-wing tables...

Coming soon?

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