Tournament Watch: Battle For Salvation

Fall is here... Sorta... (it was 97 degrees in CT two days ago)

But that means Battle for Salvation is around the corner!

BATTLE FOR SALVATION is one of the biggest and most successful GTs on the east coast.  It is run by a club who's namesake is used for the title. It originated from the club's original gaming location, in the rec room of a Salvation Army.  The club has moved on to bigger and more convenient halls, but the name persists!

When is BFS?  Columbus Day Weekend!  October 11-13.

Why is BFS so successful!  Well to begin, it is a GT created for the players.  As far as I know, all of the fees come right back to the players in the form of prize support.  (With the exception of fees used to cover the costs of the venue of course.) This is supplemented by huge donations from local businesses.  It is a prize fest!

Last years "Best Painted" won a GW paint mega set!  If I am not mistaken, that is about a 400 dollar retail item...  Yah, I would say prize fest. Wish I was there!  My little sister got married that weekend last year, stopping me from being able to go and compete with my friend Joe Johnson for the painting honors.

But loot is not the only reason why BFS is a great GT.  The TO, Bob Sinnot is a man wise beyond his years and is genuinely one of the best people I know, right up there with Ted Nagel.  The BFS crew, including some industry heavy hitters like Danny Internets are on hand to smash face, and of course there is Fritz who is there to test his latest sneaky tactics and run an event or two. Last year he ran a Kill Team tournament.

BFS also attracts some of the best players in the game.  I would dare say the East Coast has some of the fiercest competitors in the world including Alex Fennel, Ben Holy Moly, Young Tony and his Brother, (as if I need to mention his last name. He is like Pele)  Nick Nanavati, Neil Gilstrap, Mike Brandt and gobs and gobs of other dudes.  Sorry if I didn't mention you!  So if you fancy yourself a power player, here is your chance to test yourself against the best.

The Venue?  It is held at The Palisades Mall, in Rockland County NY. One of the biggest malls in the state if not the country.  The venue is massive and never feels crowded, but that is not the best part. It has huge bathrooms that are serviced by the mall all day long.  For those of us who have waited in line to drop a deuce in a less than great rest room at a GT, you know how important that is.  But also, there is a top of the line food court for those of you who need a quick bite, and all sorts of sit down joints like TGIF if you have the time.  All inside the mall and a short walk from the gaming room!  The hotels are less than five miles away too, which means they are a short jump from the mall. Or if you are lucky you can grab a room at the shady motel right across the street...

Any, BFS is one of my favorite events tied for second with Nova behind my all time favorite Mechanicon. That is saying a LOT!  They use Nova rules but a 2k point limit.

Bill McFadden and his beloved.

Sadly and Happily for me, I am in a pickle. My good 40k friend Bill McFadden and his Fiance have decided to get married that weekend and did me the honor of inviting me to their happy day.  Sorry 40k, but real life comes first, and there is no way I would skip Bill's day to play games.  So while I wish I could make it, yet another wedding is going to keep me away from BFS this year.  He is worth it though. Look at the picture! He is a true gamer.  I believe that is a framed picture of a Transformer, also an xbox controller, battle foam, 40k box sets and some sort of board game.  If this picture was to pan out we can only wonder at what other nerdliness we would find in his apartment. Looking forward to your big day man and I will get the RSVP out today.

There you have it!  Another year, another October and another Battle for Salvation. Check out THEIR WEBSITE for information on buying a ticket and making accommodations and I wish you all the best of luck!

My next action will be at Mechanicon.  I am still considering DaBoyz again this year as I had a great time last year, but at 8 hours plus, it is quite the trip and the funds are very low.  We shall see.

Keep on gaming.



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