A little holiday humor from the soon to be uneployed!

Hi all.  As you know, my wife is a pretty good writer and occasionally I like to share her popular posts that she puts up on a site called Woman Around Town.  Usually her stuff is a light hearted poke at the silly and absurd things we see every day. This time though, it is a more tongue in cheek look at something that hits us all pretty hard.  (If we are unfortunate enough to be in this boat)

Employment, and her impending lack thereof.

So for those of you who like a little sense of humor with your lack of work during the holidays TAKE A LOOK HERE. Sometimes all we can do is laugh.

Next up. More Lamenters!



The Inner Geek said...

Condolences or congratulations to your wife, whichever is more appropriate. There are days I'd like to be unemployed... at least from my current job.

Niels P said...

Hehe Nice read.
Don't let your poor wife get drunk on what is properly the cheap stuff..
Buy her something good, hopefully her hangover won't be too bad ;)
Fingers crossed that jobs will come her way soon.

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