Lamenters Captain!

Here is my Lamenters Captain in Terminator Armor WIP. I have a lot of layering to do on the yellow but you can see it start to take form on his leg and arm.  

The model is a Dark Angels terminator from the new kit.  I went with a terminator captain because I decided to use my Space Hulk terminators for my Lamenters army.  I figured I would give them an appropriate leader! I went went with a cap with Lightning Claws.

I left the other arm off so I could get at the armor and cloth unhindered. I will attach it once the reset is done.  

So the checks... On the cloth I want a sort of faded effect near the edges so you can see on the hood that I tried to break down the black and white. I need to really push it back and forth but for now it looks decent.  Speaking of fading I need to go backinto the checks on the rhino in the background and lighten the color. More on that later.

I am using red trim on some spots, like knee pads and such, so I went with half of his torso robe being red. I also went with the inside of his robes being red. You can see the red robe behind him on the table. 

Not much more to say about him right now! This is a slow process and really wont start to look great until it nears completion. (If ever) 




John Stiening said...

Keep plugging away, I love how these are turning out. You and I need to get a game in together at NOVA next year. We can setup a Scotch tasting tableside. ;)

YourSwordisMine said...

Wow, nicely done! Love the checkering and the yellow! I cant wait to see this army in person sometime!

Glad to see I am not the only one who spray primes his fingernails from time to time. I don't feel so alone anymore...

Jawaballs said...

Hah, I gave that thumb a good priming... I couldn't even scrape it off... went to work with Marilyn Manson nail.

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