Stuff for sale

Pathfinders. I found 3 more after taking this pic

a handful of guardians

3 lords. Two on left are magnetized at hip. All have magnetized weapons. I have some more of the weapons.

3 wraithguard. I need to find a head.

guardian squad with weapon


3 bikes. one sword is broken needs replace, there is an elven banner for banner pole

autarch rider

converted far seer, needs left arm and canopy for bike

all of his parts are here some place

serpent upgrade set from forgeworld, complete

factory sealed

necron snipers, one built rest on sprue

necron warriors, one painted bone, box missing one or two

3 primed stealth suits with fusion

more to come

Converted Ulthwe guardians using dire avenger and fantasy elves

oop fire dragons?

Far seer converted from wizard

pile o warlock

harlies, one is painted, I need to find his torso


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