Lamenters Rhino WIP

Here are a bunch of WIP shots of my Lamenters Rhino checkering.  

Lamenters Rhino Doors
I am painting the doors separate from the Rhino. First I sprayed them grey. One is kind of mangled because it was previously glued to the model, but I pried it off. I will add battle damage to cover up the mess to the chasis and the door.

Using a metal ruler I measured out a grid on the door. The door is exactly 2.5 CM wide and 3 CM long.  Just in case you are trying to figure out measurements of 40k models, remember they were designed by Englishmen!  Think metric.

It is important that you use a good ruler.  This one is small, only 15 CM long, and thin. This helps it fit into the tight spots on the model. But also, the measurements start exactly at the edge. Most rulers have a little extra space before the measurements start. This makes it more difficult to get accuracy.
I got this ruler off Amazon. It was one of two that came for like 3 dollars.

Here I am marking off the spots to draw the lines.

Here I have begun carefully painting.  I first painted every other square with codex grey. Then I traced a dime in the center for the circle. No need to paint all the squares.  I went over the squares with black, and fortress grey.  I used my trusty Reaper Kolinsky 10-0 Sable brush for this.

 Next step was to use Ulthuwan Grey over the fortress. I painted the circle with it as well. I then freehand painted the heart, and freehanded the black outline.  I took this time to touch up the black squares too.

Here I am measuring the top hatch.  It was 2.5 x 5 CM.  My measurements were a tad off and one of my squares ended up the wrong size but I fixed it when I painted.  I used a bottled water cap for the circle.

Then I followed the same process. Black squares, and  fortress, codex, Ulthuwan and White on the white squares.

Lamenters Rhino

And the same process on the circle. Freehanding the heart.

Lamenters Logo

I am still undecided on the list. I know generally there is going to be a bike squad, a few assault squads, a storm raven, some scouts, and death company, a rhino and tac squad... but I still dont know if I am going to use Blood Angels or Space Marines. I get more models on the table as SM.  But honestly it wont matter either way, I am going to blasted into oblivion no matter what... 

:)  I need to get cracking.  I am playing this army at Templecon on February 6. I have a little over two months...  

And yes I have a display board planned out.  Should be awesome!



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