Selling every thing.. Trying to buy a home.

Hey guys. As you know, I have been out of action. I have been trying to dig out from under a divorce, and save up to buy a condo. Sooo my attentions have been elsewhere. For that I am sorry.

It is time to liquidate my stuff to make the final push to get myself into my own condo by Christmas. I have been living in my sister's basement the last six months!

As such, I am selling my three prized possessions, my armies.

First up is my Lamenters.  This army won several GT best painted and players choice awards. It was my first foray into yellow and EVERY detail is hand painted. Every check, heart and number.  It includes a playfully converted "Bad Luck" bike squad and several LED light up tanks. You can find lots of pictures of it HERE. But here are a couple. Images.

It is not pictured here but there is also a Land Raider Crusader rigged for light and SOUND! It rattles off a series of quotes like "Target Aquired" etc. Due to the extreme amount of work in this army I am asking 1500 but will entertain offers.

I am also selling my full sized Lamenters Banner.  Check it out HERE. I am asking 300 for it. That is 50 less than my standard banner cost.

Up next is my Tau army.

This army comes as seen. Included are the current codex, a base painted Sky Ray, 3 or 4 base painted Devil Fish, a factory sealed box of Fire Warriors plus lots of others like more Kroot bits, some metal Vespid, etc.  The army has also won multiple best painted awards. All of this goes for a flat 1k.  The original post for this army with lots of pics can be found HERE.

And lastly, though it wrenches my heart, I am selling my beloved Blood Angels army I painted for NOVA several years ago.

HERE is a post showing closeups of some scouts and termies.

HERE is a Scout Squad.

More pics...

Mephiston won Best Conversion at some point and Sanguinor won Best Single Model at Nova 2011.

I will also throw in a lot of extras with the Blood Angels, like a fully painted Black Death Company Dread, and a beautifully painted Storm Raven (I'm sure there are pics of this thing some place on the blog.)  It is hard for me to put a price on this army because of it's sentimental value. But back in the day I turned down a three thousand dollar offer!  I don't expect any where near that much but feel free to make offers for this. By the way, it does indeed still play well. It also comes with a custom cut Battle Foam pack go. Individual, customized slots for each model.  That alone was a couple hundred bucks...

So there you go. As I sort things out at home, I will be returning to gaming. I have a fully mechanized Blood Angels army under way, plus am still into Star Wars X Wing and Armada.  If you are interested, make an offer. If you want more pics I will be happy to provide.

Oh I am clearing out my DVDs.  Full sets for 30 bucks plus 3 bucks shipping.

This is my last post to sell these things. I will break the armies into units and pop em on ebay next.



achastain said...

You should have a 'sad' reaction. You're my inspiration for my first army. Your battle reports, and hobby blogs convinced me to take the plunge and invest in the table-top game and rediscovering the fun I used to have playing Space Hulk and Confrontation back in the day.

With every end there is the opportunity for a new beginning. I imagine parting from these things may be difficult for you, but, cathartic at the same time. I wish you well, and the best. You're an artist, and a good one, and your creativity will have to be expressed sooner or later. I, for one, would love to see you take on 30K stuff from Forge World. Time will tell.

I wanted to compliment you, again, on that Mephiston bash. IMO that was singly the coolest conversion for it's time. I'd be willing to make an offer on that figure alone- if that is something you'd entertain please throw out a number, and, I can see if it is in my price range.

Good Luck Jawa. May the force be with you!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks for the kind words. They are very appreciated. If I cannot sell the army outright, I will piece every thing out. Shoot me an email at hotmail and I will start a list of guys interested in single items.

Greg Hess said...

Best of luck with your sales. Sorry it has to be your armies, though hopefully you can return stronger later on! Are you on twitter? Can retweet the ebay listings when they go up to try to hit the max possible.

Chris Layfield said...

I am sure the recovery has been tough and sounds like you are about to be back on your feet. Hopefully the armies fetch a good price to put you over the top on the condo. Hopefully some extra shares will get you the boost you need.

Jawaballs said...

I dont have a twitter.. well that I use any way.. Some one registered and posed as Jawaballs for a while, putting all sorts of nasty stuff in the bio until I had Twitter make him remove it. But please talk it up! When I go Ebay I will list each army as a whole first for a few days. But honestly I would prefer to skip ebay entirely, their fees have gotten out of hand... I think they are up to 12percent now.

Greg Hess said...

Roger...well if you have to put it on ebay, I'll retweet it as well as I can for you!

John Stiening said...

I'll link your eBay listings as well. You'll paint new masterpieces to replace the ones you sold!

Jawaballs said...

That is the thing with art John, I can always paint more! I will continue working on my Mech army. Maybe next Nova you will get to destroy it.

Black Matt said...

Good luck with the big purchase! Might as well sell em if it'll help you get where you need to be. Wish you the best

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Matt! When I finally have my place I will throw a little house warming and invite all the old peeps. A little reunion.

Black Matt said...

I'll probably get beat up, lol.

brent said...

I don't comment on stuff often, but i had to say - I hope the rough times pass. You were one of the first people that helped me start painting the things I paint and helped me develop a passion for the hobby. Hopefully the Armies get a good home - and you get a good home too!

Look forward to the new stuff when you erupt from the cocoon of real life

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