2nd squad is finished! Close Combat Scouts. And Terminator upgrades!

Pant.. pant.. pant....

I have a huge crink in my back, my arm is numb and my left eye fell out long ago. But Things are coming along!  My display board is taking shape, and I finished the second scout squad. Now I am working on bringing my existing terminators into line with my current paint style.

Terminator before update

Terminator after. Not much of a difference. I added dark lines in the recesses and an extreme highlight.  The reinforced contrast should bring them in line with the rest of the models in this army.  Once the basing has been finished they should pop.

Scout Squad Bruno

I am digging the green touch of grass.

Very different base because this model will actually be standing on a cobblestone road on the display.

All of the models are based appropriately to their location on the display. Bruno here is standing at the base of a collapsed castle wall. The brick on the ground is mossy and overgrown. Some poor serf was unable to get out of the way. And yes, Bruno has converted himself a Combi Melta!

I have been trying to tell a story with every base I do. In this one, yet another 
long dead human is digging his way from the afterlife.

Peekaboo! I am hoping people looking at my army will have fun looking for little surprises. 

Time to finish the termies!  

There is light at the end of the tunnel!



Ted Nagel said...

Great stuff! I so can't wait to see it all together along with the display board.

Julian McPherson said...

On the terminator you missed a icon on his left knee :P

Looks great otherwise!

The Amethyst Studios said...

looking good!

Lord Kain said...

Once again your painting makes my jaw drop. Are you ever going to do a video or article on how to paint grey knights? I have all of mine assembled and primer Army Painter plate metal but not sure where to go next. I dont want a crappy paint job on these guys :)

Melad Andre said...

Wow. The sword was pretty amazing on the scouts. Though I dont find them effective in game. Oh and did you make those bases yourself? Or did you buy them because they are awesome. I need some for my angels sanguine.


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