Jawaballs Nova Army 2011. 1st squad is finished!

The first squad of my 2011 Nova Open army has rolled off the line tonight. Done, based and ready to fight!

I give you Scout Squad Ellis. Attached to the Blood Angels 2nd Company under Lord Mephiston. Ellis is the sniper without the cloak behind the broken cross tombstone looking down range.  These guys have been ordered by Lord Mephiston to take up position in an ancient cemetery and hold for orders.  Their instructions are to engage enemy scouts from range. But Bior, the scout with the Missile Launcher, may have bigger issues on his hands...

For this squad I used a combination of Long field grass, scorched static grass
and olive green moss as complimentary green to the reds. I will use this theme throughout the army.

This scout found great cover behind a tombstone.

Ellis relays communications to the rest of the army inbound.

Awaiting orders.

Scanning the horizon.

Ants in his pants?

Thats no moon!

Something moved out yonder...

Ok folks. I'm getting a bit loopy. These five guys might not be all that effective in game, but I think they will add a great element of cool to my display.  :)

Oh, I just got notification that I will be playing the one and only Rob Baer of Spikey Bits fame for the Whiskey Challenge!  I have played him several times in various tournaments, and I don't think I have ever beaten him. Knowing Rob, he will be packing a nasty Crowe Gk list. I hope so!  I would love to test my list against one of the best.

Time to get your lickins Baer!  See you Thursday.



Michael Hogan said...

I really like the way they look. Are you going to be spending this much time on each model's base? I don't see you losing Best Painted that way!

Bump said...

I love it. I use scouts in almost every game sniper rifles and missile launchers, infiltrating on to the battle field with the capability to destroy soft targets with ease and be very annoying to vehicles. I mean there is always the possibility of a rogue missile, e mobilizing a land raider. So as for play ability its hard to beat a 85 point, 3+ cover save, troop destroying, vehicle wrecking, distraction infiltrating into the opponents backfield :)kinda leaves the rest of your army free to do whatever, as people really don't like you playing around in there back yard. Happy Scouting.

Jawaballs said...

Each base will have this much love. Though not the tomb stones. Im all out!

Drathmere said...

these look really great Chris. The bases really kick up that beautiful unit a notch. I am impressed.

IDICBeer said...

They look great, nice work

CJ said...

Jawwa I have to say your blending and NMM skills really shine through in these models! great eye for detail!

^Agent9 said...

May I ask where u got the tombstones? If not for my VC my Storm Wardens are having a basing crisis right now


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