Funny new blog! My crazy wife.

Hey guys, some of you may remember the blog my wife was writing during her pregnancy. Well that now defunct blog has been replaced with a new one! She is a great writer and when I told her that guys at Gamesday missed her blog, she decided to start anew. So, she is writing about every day things that just need to be laughed at. Work, Family, food, you name it.  You can find her blog HERE.  Please check her out, subscribe to her blog, and have a laugh.  Thanks for supporting her!

Oh and as of 3:30 EST today I have nearly completed 4 of my 16 assault marines.  I also ordered a new Sanguinor model which is already enroute, and ordered up materials to make my new display board and bases.  I have about 10 days of work time after vacation and before Nova.  I plan on making every minute count. And yes, I am doing The Sanguinor NMM.  I will definitely take pics of that!  More to come.



Damn The Valley said...

I'll be very interested to see how your NMM Sanguinor comes out. It's something I plan on dabling in very soon, but I have to get set up with a new man cave first!

Michael Hogan said...

Unrelated to your wife's blog, but are you still planning on a live show after Nova?

Jawaballs said...

After Nova the live shows will return!

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