Fist of all I wanted to share links from the GW website:
I won Best Banner at Gamesday and they got it posted up!

But they misspelled my name... :(

But I didn't stop there!  I made their website again as part of the Heroes of Armageddon club table!

Fritz managed to sneak in there as well!

The club table won Best Theme!

I have more Gamesday videos coming soon.

Now for the real purpose of posting today.  A step by step of my new model:

The Sanguinor:

I am following the Sanguinor guide from Whtie Dwarf, April 2010
The first layer of paint is a 50/50 mix of Calthan Brown and Snakebite

Then Snakebite with a pinch of Bleached Bone.

Then a 2/1 Snakebite and Bleached Bone

Then a 50/50 Snakebite and Bleached

All the way to a 1/2 Snakebite Bleached

Then a wash in the recesses with Dark Flesh

Then some Dark flesh mixed with black

Then pure bleached bone highlights followed by extreme highlights with White

Then a wash with watered down Sunburst yellow to make it more goldy

After the yellow wash I hit it with a watered down Leviathan Purple in the recesses
and did the details like wings and such my standard Codex, Fortress and White

Finally I retouched the highlights on the armor with bleached bone mixed with Glaze Medium
and then the final white highlights again. 

At this point I glued the backpack to the stand and base coated the scrolling Bestial Brown.  I cannot work further on the model for fear of damaging the paint.  I will get pics of him finished up as soon as possible!

Assault marines next... :)



Julian McPherson said...

Wow look awesome!

The Inner Geek said...

Nice work!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Oh snap, we made the GeeDub website! Mwahahahahah! Congrats on the banner again, Jawaballs. Can't wait for the video footage.

Michael Hogan said...

Wow. Lots of nice pictures and a very cool tutorial. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well actualy you made it tree times: if you click on the picture of "Trouble at Biolab 7" at the Club page you are in the background.

Ted Nagel said...

I am amazed, that Sanguinor is going to be stunning to say the least.

I can't wait to see the new assault marines.

Natakue said...

looken very nice dude...very nice!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks guys. I will do another post tomorrow with update pics. Tonight I am heading out to Stout Smurf's place to work on our terrain boards! We are doing a three piece board for his, mine and Fritz's army for Trios. I found this cool mechanical coffin terrain piece that I am going to try to incorporate, and some other cool stuff. :)

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