Working Furiously! Sanguinary Priest just about done.

Here is one of my new JP Priests for my new army.

Remember this picture is 10x as big as the model.

Non Metallic Metal Gold!  My first try. Good enough for now!  For this model I used Lemartes, a command squad apothecary arm and a sang guard power weapon arm.  I had to cut a thumb off a bolter marine and use it with this arm so he could actually hold the cup. I got the cup from  

Because there was so much going on with this model that was not red, I did not spray him with Dragon Red. I used Mechrite/blood on the red parts. I will get more pics when he is done!

Now I have a batch of five assault marines that are next. I am leaving on Vacation this Saturday so won't be painting, but will be taking my marines with me so I can assemble and shave them when I find time.  When I return I have to paint:

16 assault marines
1 more priest with JP. I am using a skulled chaplain model.
The Sanguinor
fix mephiston's head
fix up the land raider
and if I find time, five new assault termies.  
Oh and a display board and bases for all.

Gulp..   The emperor protects.



Michael Hogan said...

I like the Narthecium and the Chalice. I feel like that better represents Sanguinary Priests than one or the other.

Dennis gock said...

that is one of the nicest conversion I've seen jawa! Good job bro ;)

Xzandrate said...

First reaction, hate you . . .

But it's looking great, I'd almost say the halo was a gold. Now can you admit to photoshopping after you blew it up to save our fragile egos?

The Amethyst Studios said...

thats a beautiful paint job on the priest and awesome and subtle conversion.

Bully said...

What have you used for the NMM Gold ? Looks good.

idget said...

Personally, I think it needs to be more... white.
From memory though, Blood Angels go all hipster on enforced schemes

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