Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Death Company

Do they need a leader?


Somewhat_Damaged said...

They don't NEED one, but a chaplain (preferably Lemartes) is incredibly useful under the current rules. 4 rending attacks each on the charge that re-roll misses (potentially meaning more rending hits) normally wipes a unit out before they can react.

new changes to rending won't hurt them that much, because as you're re-rolling the misses you'll still be rolling a crapload of wound dice.

gerard said...

Hi, ive got a few questions, can you paint an assault marine as a death company guy?
i am thinking of adding masters of the chapter to my army, is this a good move?
and i am going to get assault on black reach soon... what do you think?

sorry to weigh you down with questions, i am just a bit unsure of what to do. thanks
(i collect a blood angel army)

jawaballs said...

Hi Gerard. You can paint up any assault guy black and make him a death company. You just need to paint the Blood Red crossed X on his shoulder pads. You cannot add Master of the Chapter to Blood Angels, I dont think. I use those models as veterans though. Assault on Black Reach is awesome. It is a butt load of minis for the price and they are high quality. Any one got an answer on the Masters of the Chapter? They were a White Dwarf addition right? Did it say that they can be taken in ANY codex? Personally, Dante is too awesome to not take, and Corbulo is pretty much a must have as well. Run Corbs up behind the advancing jump pack guys, make sure he is within 12" when they charge, and they get Preferred Enemy (close to Dante) and Furious Charge. Throw the DC against the monstrous creatures and let Dante and his Honor Guard take care of the rest. Few squads survive a Dante/HG/DC Furious Charge. AND if Corbs is within 6" and not in combat you can even negate 1 failed save. Save those for your DC that fail their Feel No Pain. Dont worry about Lesmartes since any one within 12" of Dante gets to reroll ALL of their misses, not just on the charge.

Drew said...
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Drew said...

could u give me some ideas for plack templar im getting death company for them (is that aloud?)and the dreadnought u had are those aloud in black templar.could u put some more vids how to paint black templars because ur amazing(i think i reapeated myself sorry)

jawaballs said...

Drew I have a whole video set for painting Black Templars that will show you all you need to know. Check out my Estore, www.jawaballsproductions.com and you are good to go!

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