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Blood Angels Codex: Baal Predator

The Baal Predator is a versatile and Useful. With Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter Side Sponsons and its Assault Cannon, it can unleash 12 shots on a target. AND it is the only tank I know of that can move 6 inches and fire ALL of its guns. Provided that you roll a 4+. Finally, with its 13 front armor, if its guns have been destroyed and it can still move, it can move 24 inches and RAM! Its front armor gives it a good chance of living but it will hit with a STR 10 shot. Can be pretty surprising for sure. :)


moHawk0ftheMind said...
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moHawk0ftheMind said...

Actually, it can only move eighteen inches when it moves flat out. If it was on a road then it could move 24", otherwise only fast skimmers can move 24".

But I would have to agree that it is the best space marine tank. I've wiped out a whole Guard infantry squad in one shooting phase. Awesome.

jawaballs said...

I found that out today when I used it against some Eldar. I didnt actually try to move it more then 18, but we came up with that rule. What a coincidence! :) And yes, it was quite bad ass. The poor guy left a full squad of Guardians with a Warlock out in the open but out of line of sight, my Baal was behind terrain. There was nothing that could shoot at him but the Baal, and he was expecting it to come around and only be able to fire one weapon... I rolled a 5 on Overcharged engines, moved it 6 inches, then opened up with all of its guns... Much to his surprise! Mowed down all 10 of the guardians leaving the warlock, which then sadsly assaulted the Baal with his stupid Wytchblade and destroyed it... but it was still amazing firepower! I let the kid off easy, he actually assigned the wound to his Warlock leaving the missle launcher intact initially. I allowed him to replace the Warlock instead, which he put back on the table just close enough to get into assault range... :) I earned some Karma.

Marshall Wilhelm said...

You field the Baal well. I was wondering about Vindicators, as I like them, why don't you use them with/ instead of the Baal?

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