Blood Angels vs Iyanden Eldar Battle Report


Today I played a 1750 game vs Iyanden Eldar.

I used my new standard army list:
5 man Troop Assault Squad
10 man Tactical squad
5 man combat squad flamer
5 man combat squad Lascannon

4 Death Company with Jumppacks
5 man VAS
Power Weapon x2

x2 Furioso Dread
Death Company
Extra Armor
Heavy Flamer

Baal Predator
Heavy Bolters
Storm Bolter
Extra Armor

Storm Bolter
Extra Armor

10 man Devastator Squad
Plasmacannon x2

My opponent had 1 Wraithlord, 2 Warwalkers with 2 starcannon each, 8 man Pathfinders, 3 Guardian squads with Missle Launchers and warlocks, Farseer guide and doom, Wave serp twin linked Brightlance, 5 Wraithguard, warlock, Falcon pulse, scatter shurikan.

The game was for 5 loot counters and we played take ground, he deployed first. He set up all of his troops close to his table edge. On my right he put the pathfinders in cover, with the Wave serp and Wraiths inside of it. He put 2 guardian squads in the center, exposed, and one more in cover on a loot counter. His falcon was deployed behind cover, as well as his walkers which scout moved out. His Lord was just hanging exposed.

I placed Dante and the VAS on the left, the devs, Las combat squad, and vindicator in good fire positions with a nice arc over the battle field, and I placed my DC in a line as far up as possible, with the Furiosos right behind them, and Corbulo right behind that. My strategy is simple. Full out charge. My opponent knows and fears the Death Company, even if they have never played me. The only thing is that they dont know that the DC are now chumps. With the nerfed rending, and the fact that any ap3 and better weapon denies their Feel no Pain, they get shot down like wimps. SOOO, I simply use them as a diversion. I line them up infront of the Furiosos and Corbulo. My opponent will definitely fear the DC more then the dreads, so he will shoot them up as much as possible. He will fire as much as he has to at them to kill em. That will usually result in my Dreads surviving the first round of shooting. Which was the case today. He fired first, and pumped a lot of shots into the DC. They did not survive the round. That was about all he shot aside from shaking my Baal.

On my turn, I moved them up 6 and popped smoke and followed them with Corb. I moved the Baal 18 to the left, and kept it behind cover. Dante and the VAS took up a position to assault in turn 2. The rest of my troops stayed put to grab objectives later, or fire their heavies. On shooting, I ran the dreads, and rolled 6 for both of them. Can any one confirm that I can pop smoke then run? We had the consensus at the store that I could. I arranged them so that they were protecting Corb. I wounded his lord with heavy weapon fire and killed a few guardians with the vindicator.

Round 2:
My opponent figured out he was in deep doodo. My dreads were in range to assault the crap out of him. He moved over his Serp and unloaded the Wraithguard within range to shoot the dreads. He also moved his Lord and walkers over to shoot at it too, as well as his Falcon. You might figure out what happened next... After about 16 shots that coud have killed the dreads, they both were still standing. I made all of the smoke saves and they remained only shaken thanks to extra armor.

On my movement, I moved up the dreads to assault, one went for the Lord and the other went for the wraiths. He pulled his rangers and guardians back so I had to move Dante and his VAS up again before assaulting. I moved the Baal out 6 from behind the cover, and surprised the crap out of him by shooting all of its guns at a guardian squad... The dreads were unable to fire their weapons. My heavies took their toll, they killed a walker and knocked the gun off the falcon. My troops just got into good cover positions, prepared to claim the objective on turn 5. When I assaulted, Corbulo and one dread charged the wraiths, killing a couple, and the other dread killed the lord. Furious Charge on a Death Company Furioso... He rolled a 6 for the extra attacks by the way... giving him 7 attacks, minus 1 for being shaken at initiative 5... the Wraithlord had no chance.

Round 3:
Opponent had his morale broken. But fought on. He moved his lone warlock up to assault the Baal, which was successful... Baal exploded. He hit the Vindicator with twin linked Brightlance from the serp...exploded. Good shooting. On his assault, Corbulo and the Dread finished off the Wraith and their warlok, but lost the dread in the process. The other dread managed to live, killing off all of the guardians of that squad, but leaving the Farseer and Warlock. He assault the VAS with his rangers, killing one vet, but they all the rangers died.

On my turn, things went very badly for him. Dante broke off to kill the Baal killing warlock. The VAS moved up to wipe out another Guardian squad. My heavy weapons shot at the serp and falcon, imobilizing the serp and shaking the Falcon. In assault, Corbulo joined the last Dread trying to save it. He got the Farseer base to base and laid into him, but failed to wound. The furioso killed the last member of the guardian squad but was killed as well. Corbulo was killed by a squad of Scorpians who joined the mess. The farseer was also killed by the Dread. The Vas wiped out their Guardians, killing the last of his troop choices but leaving themselves in the open... It mattered not though, the game was mine to lose. After wiping out his troops all I had to do was claim one objective to win.

Turn 4:
He moved up his Falcon to contest a loot counter. He shot up my VAS and killed them all with Starcannons. There was nothing left for him to do at this point. All he could do was try to tank shock my guys off the objectives, but I had 3 troop squads on 2 different counters.

On my shooting it was all moot. My Devs exploded the Falcon, ending the game. He had nothing that could contest my loot counters. I had 3 scoring units, he had none. He conceided the game to me.

Who was the MVP??? Corbulo and his crazy Death Company Dreadnoughts. They moved up, absorbed a sick amount of fire power, then still managed to kill 2 full squads and deny my opponent the chance to claim an objective. My decision to start them on the table, and instead of buying them Drop Pods use the points to buy Corbulo really worked well. Using the Death Company as a moving shield for them is also a great tactic. My opponents are so afraid of the DC that they ignore the real punch of the army, the Baal Pred, the Dreads, and Dante and his VAS. This will be my final list for the Grand Tournament in Baltimore. :)


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