Warhammer 40k Battle for Salvation! Banner Project

I am painting two new full sized banners for a 40k point Appox game coming up this weekend. We are forming this game for the Basement Bash event coming up in White Dwarf. In our game we are recreating the Horus Heresy, and fielding every loyalist marine chapter vs every traitor marine chapter. Should be fun! Here are pics of the banner as I make it. More to come!


jawaballs said...

I uploaded more pics of the nearly finished bannners to the post. Enjoy!

Fritz said...

Sexy! Of course by my command I will personally lead the charge agasint the eternity gate as my World Eaters cast down the false emperor! I'm calling Dante out, will he face my chose champion on the table?

Black Matt said...

oh crap, what do we have here. Jawaballs and FFF going head to head?

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