Honor Guard Update 7: Champion power sword

Here is a couple of pictures of my Honor Guard Chapter Champion. I found a good picture of a power sword on another blog: http://thepaintingcorps.blogspot.com/2008/03/few-thoughts-on-power-weapons.html This guy has a fantastic blog! Any way, I was looking for inspiration on how to paint a power sword, and found this guy. My application of it was a little clumsy, but it wasnt bad for my first try. With a little practice, maybe I can get it done better before I submit them. Any way, I went with a green crackling lightning effect... Hope you enjoy! JB


Bloodthirster said...

Cool stuff Jawa so this is what you had in mind i like the green i think green always looks it best with red more so then other colours

Pendragon said...

Not a bad first try :D
I found that particular article as well a few weeks ago and have been messing around with it. Your sword already looks great from a tabletop perspective but up close (and you are going for GD afterall) I feel it looks a little bit sloppy (first try afterall). I know you normally dont like doing this that much but in this particular case I'd thin down the paint a bit more and maybe add a wider blending colour range (that one is kind of hard to guess from the pictures...so might not be needed). This really wont affect the overall look from further away but should improve the close up.
As always feel free to ignore what I said :D just trying to give some feedback and share ideas. Keep up the good work :)

Zeitzef said...

Great Work Jawa, really does look great as Pendragon says "table top perspective",

I'm no where near the level as you are with painting,but seeing your work definately makes me wanna try harder I'm getting a lot of inspiration for my amry.

Gothmog said...

I like the glow from the sword on his helmet and shoulder.

CalamityX27 said...

Hey jawa, when i saw this power sword i had to try it out so i did (but in a diff colour) and i think it looks pretty good. i posted some pics off it on my blog

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