Come meet Jawaballs and Fritz at Gamesday!

Thats right! Ever wanted to know what we look like? Want to see our tactics first hand? Want to look us in the eye and tell us you think we are full of poo? Now is your chance. Come meet us at gamesday! Fritz and I will be running a Club Table at Gamesday Baltimore. You will be able to come and challenge us to games, or ask any burning question you may have! Look for painting seminars, tactical presentations, and other cool stuff offered by Jawaballs and Fritz for 40k, and The Brothers Grim for WFB. Look for my Blood Angels banner and you will find us! We are looking forward to getting a chance to meet readers and enthusiasts and have a great day of 40k fun. Also, if you cannot make Gamesday but are still in the Baltimore area, Fritz and I will be at the Baltimore Battle Bunker on Sunday to take on all challengers. If you could not get some game time against us at Gamesday, come on out and throw down! Or challenge us both to a team up with a buddy. So there you go! Looking forward to seeing you all. Jawaballs


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