How to Paint Space Marines: Hand Painted Angel Wings

Here is video one of my newest series, How to Paint Space Marines: Hand Painted Angel Wings. I will be posting them all here.


David said...

Have you started working on any other painting video sets?

Do your Space Marine sets also have videos on painting Librarians and Chaplains?


jawaballs said...

My next set will be a Tau Fire Warrior. After that, I have a few small things I was thinking about putting up like Purity Seals, power swords... etc. a bunch of video shorts. I will be doing a Librarian and Chaplain, but not until after May 9. I will also be doing some of the commanders, and some Chaos guys, including Khorn Berzerkers, some daemons, Nurgle Daemon Prince, also Tau Stealth Suit, Crisis Suit, and lots of IG. Loads more to come, I just have to finish my Golden Daemon entries first. :)

The 25mm Warrior said...

Man your stuff is amazing! I do Blood Angels as well but nothing like the stuff your doing. If ya want to see an inferior looking Blood Angels army then cruise over and take a look. I would dig your feedback and comments. The wings look great. Problem is I think you need artistic talent to do em and I'm severely lacking in that department. Good luck on the Golden Demon Blood Brother!

jawaballs said...

I will pop over and give you some tips. :) Thanks for the compliments!

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