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Dark Angels questions!

I am no Dark Angels expert, but here is a question I received today.
Dark Angels
Hey how is it going? Recently I just purchased a 40k starter set (space marines and orks) and planning to play space marines. i picked up the Dark Angels chapter and was wondering if you could give me a few tips on painting and tactics.

One question for painting, on the starter set all the marines have that arrow pointing up on the right shoulder pad, so how would i change that or would i just paint the squad marking over it?

Second is that the transfers that come with the set do not include the Dark Angels symbol, so would i hand paint it or buy a sheet of dark angel transfers? And if i do buy a sheet of transfers how much would it cost?

Your videos help a lot.
OK thanks so much for the help.

By the way, could you post a video on how to hand paint the Dark Angel chapter symbol?
It will be much appreciated.

First of all, If I am correct, Dark Angels use the double ended red arrow for their Tactical symbol. The AoBR set comes with the single verticle pointed arrow. The difference is minimal and you are free to use the verticle one. Dark Angels Symbol... I believe you can get your hands on a Dark Angels transfer sheet that has DA symbols. You can probably find one on Ebay for a buck or two. Or try any bits vendor like thewarstore.com.

As for painting them, I plan on doing a series of video shorts where I attempt to hand paint each chapter symbol. Look for that over the summer! For painting tips for Dark Angels in general, of all the chapters, they respond the best to DryBrushing. I have a series of videos that demonstrates how on my store and a few samples on youtube. Drybrush away! JB


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