Now Accepting commissions!

Yup. I have decided to actually take on a few painting jobs. For a limited time, I am taking commissions for Blood Angels armies. You have seen plenty of pictures of my work, but take a look at the picture in this post. That is the base quality you will receive. I am basing my pricing roughly on what Blue Table Painting charges for these first attempts. Since I am new to the painting service world. After that I will adjust my pricing accordingly. No, they won't be cheap, but If you got the cash, and are interested... send me an email! I am already negotiating one army, and will only take one job at a time. So get in line quick!

Eventually, if I do well with these armies, I will branch out into other chapters and races. Please for the time being keep your requests to just Blood Angels. I have never even painted a Chaos figure before, and would not know where to begin with an army.

After looking at the picture up close, I must admit that my highlighting has improved since I painted it. Use that picture to get an idea of the look of the marines only. They will be painted with crisper highlights in a cleaner, more extreme style.


William Grady said...


If you do branch out and do other races, I have 10 howling banshee's that I have traded for and I am stripping the paint and would like to know if you are interested? You can email me at or


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