Baltimore Gamesday 2009!

Where to begin!!!

So Fritz and I decided to host a club table at the 2009 Baltimore Gamesday. We billed it as a all comers Q and A sort of thing where we welcomed beginners to come ask questions about painting and or tactics. We set up some painting stations and a game table. Also, readers and subscribers were welcome to come meet us and challenge us to a game. It was fantastic meeting so many of you! The best compliment I got all day was from a younger guy who came up with his parents and they all shook my hand. He thanked me for selling him the How to Paint Ultramarine video set and said how much it helped him with his army, and his parents said "This is the guy who made that video!?" Then they thanked me for helping him as well saying that I really turned the hobby around for him. That it was worth every penny and then some. Made me feel good. I got comments like that all day long so I want to thank you all for your support and saying such nice things.

So back to gamesday. I placed my entries in the Golden Daemon. My honor guard and my baal pred. The Pred failed to make first cut, buy my Honor guard was selected as a finalist and may even make White Dwarf! :) That made me pretty proud.

Also, I entered a couple of hand painted banners into the banner competition. One was the imperium banner I painted for our Apocalypse game, the other was my Blood Angels 2nd company banner. The audience shouted their votes, and I won! I made video of that so I will be posting it soon. I got a cool little trophy.

My only criticism of Gamesday? It was a GW event barely by name. They had a large area devoted to selling product, but when it came to offering interesting content, they completely dropped the ball. Almost ALL of the available content at the convention was offered by Club Tables. Even the Golden Daemon awards were glossed over at the end... I believe the worst was that they did not have ANY open gaming tables. How can GW run a Gamesday and not give players a place to play???? With no open tables, guys who came hoping to get in some games were forced to try to get in some action on some of the few tables like ours that offered a chance. I can deal with the club thing... but not setting up tables for guys to play... You dropped the ball GW. It is not that they lacked space... there was plenty of it. Was it profit??? I know it is not cheap to run a convention, but if the line at Forgeworld was any indicator, I cant imagine they failed to make profit. They could have and should have set up rows and rows of tables for people to play games on. After all, there was no tournament this year. Doh, kids coming in, I have to get to work. I will continue this in a lil while. Jawaballs


Old Shatter Hands said...

The first year I came to GD it was '07. All i did was wonder from beautiful gaming table to beautiful gaming table, playing pick up games with armies provided for the day by GW and Gmaing Clubs. Tables you recognize from White Dwarf and the armies were there for you to try out. I even remember a nurgle table with mutant baby doll heads stuck inot the cliff faces. The spectacle was amazing, i couldn't believe it. I got to try Kill Team, other armies I had never played and I was never bored. This year I have to say that yes they dropped the ball, as they did last year. I hear adepticon is the place to go...

scdarkangel said...

Great story with meeting the kid and his folks, no matter how old and salty I get these are the moments that make the hobby worth while.

GW should have paid you for having a booth at games day, it seems that they are moving away from the younger next generation crowd, I have heard rumors of no more free painting in the stores, do to abuse / overhead costs. I wonder what the overhead is on a pot of paint, and how can you get better advertising than a bunch of kids sitting together in your store.

Keep up the good work.

John Dickerman
Santa Cruz Warhammer

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