The Baltimore 2009 Gamesday is here.

And I am leaving tomorrow! I have finally finished... well... for now... my honor guard and Baal Pred. Now I can work on some other projects again.. finally! I will be posting up a lot of pics of them soon. I have no dillusions of my chances for victory, but I am proud of what I have done and am happy I managed to complete them. Once it loads, I will embed a youtube vid showing them off and that will have to hold you over for now.

In the future:

I have accepted my first commission! I am painting a Blood Angels army for a customer. It is upon this army that I will judge my painting commission prices thereafter.

I am working out a new Blood Angels build. It will have many similar elements to my current list, but will focus on a Land Raider Crusader and its passengers.

I am building a new Tau army.

I am continueing to work on my Imperial Guard and Iyanden Eldar armies.

How to Paint space marine and warhammer 40k or Warhammer FB! I will be doing several new video sets:
Tau Fire Warrior
Black Templar Neophyte
Iyanden Wraitguard
Iyanden Gardian
Detailing and finishing
Khorne Berzerker
Other Chaos
Grey Knight

In no particular order...

Fritz and I are working on several ideas. Be on the watch for those as we intend to raise the production value of our stuff to new levels.

Important dates:

May 30th Battle For Salvation 40k tournament in White Plains NY. This is gonna be a good one. 40 guys will be playing and it was already maxed out over a month before the date. I suspect this will be one of the stiffest competitions of the year in the greater New York City area. Some of the best players around will be there!

June 30th, Brothers Grim. They have a tournament every other month. And I love going there. The guys there are great and the tournament is always fun. Dave, the guy who runs their tournaments, will be participating in the BFS tournament in may. Looking forward to getting you in front of my Baals man! :)

I will run my first Painting Conmpetition in July. I don't know just what I will do yet, but I can tell you it will be somehow Blood Angels related... so practice up your red! At any rate, the entries will have to be painted for the competition... sorry, no reaching into your box of models and pulling out some old dusty thing.

More Zombies! My little post on the Zombie Apocalypse was a huge hit. I will make that a regular series on my blog. A lot of guys sent me links or offered to give me that zombie book... Thanks for the tips and offers... but I have to say I want to wait on reading that. I have a lot of stuff in my head, and I want to put it to word before it gets influenced by some other authors work. I'm sure a lot of it will already be written in the book, but that is the fun in it! We will have to see how spot on my ramblings are to this guys book. So please, dont quote the book here. Feel free to offer up your own ideas though. I want to try to keep my writing as pure as possible. Look for more of those coming up in the next few days after Gamesday since I am now free from the Golden Daemo competition.

More Battle Reports! I intend to add greater production to my batreps. I have been kicking some serious butt lately and feel my Bloods deserve a lot more attention then I have been giving them.

Huge Success!!! My giveaway is a HUGE success. I want to thank and welcome all of my new subscribers. You guys are the reason I do this blog so I am glad you are here and hope most of you will stick around and become frequent readers. Bookmark me and come back often!

Ok, thats about it for now. Once the vid uploads, I will embed it here. Maybe I will do a post on Saturday night giving you a little Gamesday sneak peak. Enjoy!


Kablaamo said...

Best of luck mate!

thekillingtomat said...

good luck!
hope u win something!

just one question: can't u have a painting competition when u can enter any kind of marine, not just blood angels
then everybody can enter their best model, without learning how to paint blood angels

CJ said...

Awesome stuff jawwa I really like how the entire Honour guard unit turned out. to bad you didn't include a Dante model (toughed you where contemplating that?) But a very nice unit non the less!!

The Baal Predator look nice but I have to agree that the feathers would probably have looked better if done more realistically. All in all I want to wish you the best of luck and hope you guys have a blast in Baltimore.

.....damm I wish I lived in the Us......

Cheers CJ

Old Shatter Hands said...

Stunning! Can't wait to see them in the flesh (or metal?)

Jacob Bodmer said...

Good stuff!
I find it interesting that you're moving towards a LRC-based BA list. I've been toying around with one (Well, not *real* Blood Angels, petty successors, but you get the idea) and I'm quite interested to see how your list compares with mine!

Got any games in vs the new guard yet? Funny enough, despite their stupid number of heavy weapons, they seem to have issues with fast and furious assault lists.

Hey, just got an idea:
Killing something by ramming it with a couple Baals should now be officially known as "Tea-bagging".

Nick said...

You should have nothing but pride in those GD entries. Fantastic work!

As a teacher, do your students know about your Warhammer addiction?

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