So, this year at Gamesday 2009 I scored some more Jawa-Loot to add to the collection. I got a cool trophy for winning the Banner Contest, and a sweet pin for being a finalist in the Golden Daemon competition! Those along with my score at Brothers Grim last week and I am having a good month! Pictured are the pin, trophy and golden squig from Brothers grim. (trophy for winning the entire tournament out of 36 guys.)

I love that loot! :)



HuronBH said...

That golden squig is awesome, definitely a great prize and one I'd like to have on my trophy shelf.

Sabb said...

I believe Dave's plan is to give each Golden Squig a little uniqueness for each tourney. I sold an unpainted one to a friend in the store, and he's trying to come up with a reasonable Apoc data sheet for it so he can use it in a game. Giant Squigs running amok at Brs. Grim!

Grats on the Banner, I never even knew they had a contest for them, but it's a well deserved award.

Seeya on the 30th with my really really stoopid army list.

jawaballs said...

Cant wait Sabb! (Sabb made the squig by the way) The 30th is going to rock. We are trying to fit more guys in, but it is going to be really tight as it is! Maybe I will try to make up some sort of cool trophy for ours.

The banner contest was an after thought. I knew they had one from last year, but I hadnt thought about entering mine until just before they announced it. Now to get started on making one for next year... I'm gona do the Blood Angels chapter banner and try to repeat. :)

So what sort of silliness are you going to run? I would expect all of you guys to bring the pain. This tournament is pretty much going to be a come to crush or dont bother coming sort of thing. We are going to see some sick armies, especially since they dont have to be painted. Muahaha!

jawaballs said...

Hey Greg email me, I have some questions for you concerning Resin.

sovietspace said...

Congrats on a very cool looking set of trophies mate!

Kablaamo said...

Congrats on all your awards jawja, good luck forn ext year!! :D

Fritz said...


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