Holy Emails Batman!

Hey Guys, I just got home from Gamesday and finally had a chance to start going through some emails and almost fell over when I was greeted with over 800 comments and questions. Thank you all for you support and questions but sadly I will not get to respond to them all. I will work my way through as many as I can, but if I do not answer them, it is probably because I already answered it in a different post or in my youtube video comments. I know, that means you will have to read through hundreds of comments, but I have found myself answering some of the same questions over and over and simply cant do that when I have 800 to dig through! I have 6 gigs of content to sort through from gamesday and will be posting battle reports and videos this week, so check back often for new stuff!

For those who are curious, I made final cut with my Honor Guard but not with my Predator. I got a nice little pin and hopefully will get pictures of my squad up on the GW site or in White Dwarf!

I also won Best Banner for my Blood Angels 2nd company banner. A cool little trophy and I will post that too.

The highlight of the weekend was going to the Glen Burnie battle bunker and playing a guy there. After the game began... he announced to me "Oh, by the way, I have not lost a game in two years." I simply snickered and thought to myself that he has never played Jawaballs... That batrep soon! :)

More to come. Jawaballs!


CJ said...

congrats on all the trophies jawa. I'm really looking forward to all the battle reports and other fun footage from the Baltimore trip especially against mister no loss for 2 years!

I'll be looking out for that white dwarf footage to should be cool seeing your stuff in there!!

and good luck on all the comments 800 is a heck of a lot o material to go through!

Cheers CJ

ss_basham said...

Ha! dude went for the psych out

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