Ok, SO MUCH to post... Battle for Salvation Tournament 2009

Where to begin??? I am uploading videos now, so be looking for them. But Over all, I had a great day with a completely unexpected finally. I came to the tournament with very low expectations for my performance, and in game one drew one of the toughest opponents there. We drew, and I only gained 10 points. So I thought that was going to be the end for me, but after my last two games, I realized I was in position to maybe score in the top three. I will write about those games seperately. When Bobby was announcing the final three, my name did not come up in 3rd or 2nd, so I figured some one tanked me on Sportsmanship... and almost fell over when my name was called for winning the entire thing! After a first round draw left me at the very bottom of the upper tier of players, (every one below me on the list lost game one) I came back to win Best Overall! Oh, and I added a nice trophy to my loot collection, along with some sweet store credit at Thewarstore.

It came down to several factors:

Army List

If you want to win major tournaments, you have to have a firm grasp of all 4 of those subjects. That is for another post as well, but I will say that it was my sportsmanship and painting that won the day for me! So allow me to write up some batreps and do some uploading, I have 4 gigs of video to process.

Some interesting results:

40k in the 5th dimension scored again Jwolf!
I won best overall
Fritz won 3rd overall.

Black Matt won (deservedly) best painted with his Imperial Fist Terminators

A fellow blogger who came to the tournament after reading Fritz's blog won Best General and the Bishop Slayer sword!

Another blog reader who made the trip down, a younblood, won 40 bucks of bases from my store and a free painting video download! I donated some stuff to the BFS as prizes.

Dan Matulich, probably one of the smartest and best players at BFS, won 2nd overall. I thought he had a lock on 1st but I think a disgruntled opponent tanked him on sportsmanship points, which is bull crap because he is the nicest guy you will ever play against. He is also a very sound technical painter. His models look fantastic and he is a better highlighter then me. But I think I have the edge on the artistic side of painting which made the difference overall because of my hand painting.

Ok, well, more to come. As always, I will add some video to this post once it uploads. Jawaballs!


The 25mm Warrior said...

So what was your army list? I'm a blood angels player myself and would very much like to see it since I hear all the time BA sucks in tourney play

jawaballs said...

Look for my army list in my archives to the right. I subbed out one of my assault squads and put in a second furioso dread.

Krogdor said...

Hey, Jawaballs. This is Matt from yesterday who won Best General. I come from HQ the Club. I don't know if you remember, but I also met you and Fritz at Games Day in Baltimore this year. You and Mike Cho gave me some painting advice and a free base. I wanted to say thanks to you and your group on behalf of HQ the Club for a great tournament. Honestly, I still can't believe I won Best General.

SKeeM said...

Yo Jawaballs whats up? This Charlie with the Blood Angels from round 3 yesterday. Congratz again man. Same to you Matt good job on best General.

jawaballs said...

Matt, I thought I recognized you! I met a lot of people at Gamesday. Grats on the sword! I was shocked that I won the whole thing. I had no idea and thought after game 1 the best I could do was 3rd. Be sure to let us know if you guys have a tournament and we will bring the pain! And Charlie, thanks man, it was a great game. I thought I was done when you rolled that Land Raider up on me and also Mephiston with his assault veterans. Great stuff. Jawaballs

Jwolf said...

Grats on the win, JB. I'm really looking forward to playing some games with you guys in August, so we can get some comparison games in. I promise to post list and tactics stuff this month.

sovietspace said...

Great job on the win mate, it must be an awesome feeling!

Having a nice shiny trophy can't hurt either!

pissclams said...

what a shame if its true dan was gigged on his sportsmanship points. Dans list is hard but far from cheese. And as far as his play style, he is one of the most pleasurable guys to play against, knowledgeable about rules and preparedness are bar none...top notch.

Sounds like his last opponent simply wasnt happy about losing to him and took it out on him in sportsmanship. Its one of the reasons why i feel its a bogus criteria in tournaments.

jawaballs said...

Matt is truely a pleasure to play. The guy playing him was using a nidzilla list... so cheeze was NOT a factor. When dealing with sportsmanship, people need to first separate it from army composition. I wholeheartedly support sportsmanship in tournaments... It makes it a more pleasurable experience by keeping the douchebags in check. But sadly, it leaves an opportunity for some guys to lash out at those who beat them. Dan knocked that dude out of contention for a placement... he punished him for it. Now, I am not speaking from fact. What I have said here is hearsay. Until Dan comes in and confirms this fact, consider it as rumor.

jawaballs said...

Crap, meant to say Dan.

SunCat said...

My congratulations!!!

Blood Angels are the best Space Marines Chapter!

I wish you next great wins!

AutarchAndrew said...

wait i thought it was just the bases in this article its says painting vid 2

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