Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Orks BFS Charity Tournament game 2

In game two of the Battle for Salvation tournament, I needed a win bad, and had the wonderful pleasure of going up against fellow club member and Ork player Paully! Last time he and I met he came up against my Blood Angels first incarnation... an all assault pack army. That army was good at assault for sure... but I got cut down more often then not. In that game, I managed to surround a convoy of 3 ork trucks completely, popped them all, and killed all the orks inside. (4th edition rules)

I admit that Paully is not the most "hard boy" type of player. He plays for fun. But I was not complaining! I needed a win... :)

1750 Mech Orks vs my Mech Blood Angels

Mission 2 base objectives
Deployment table corners

Paully won the roll to go first, and chose side and deployed. He had 3 huge mobs of boys, 3 trucks with hard boys and nobs inside, 2 looted wagons and a squad of Lootas in a building.

After letting him deploy, I announced that I was once again reserving every thing. I then, to be fair, explained how reserves worked in 5th edition. He took it in stride and planned accordingly!

Turn 1: He moved out. Keeping his boys in cover, he marched the mobs towards my objectives, and zoomed out his trucks.

Turn 2: He moved some more, bringing the truck with his mech war boss and nobs to the front. He arranged his boys to best take advantage of cover saves, but chose not to actually put them in terrain... on this board there were plenty of small 'barbed wire' type of terrain pieces, but not a lot of area terrain pieces that he could reach.

On my turn, my stuff started arriving and this game started going badly for poor Paully. One pred came on and Paully got a taste of what they can do, and a couple of rhinos came on and hid behind terrain waiting for turn 4. The Death company and Dante moved into position for a turn 3 assault and I waited. Only a few orks died this turn.

Turn 3 and 4: Paul would need a final round of movement to get to my guys. He did shoot his looted wagons but either scattered to no effect or I made cover saves. His loota boys rolled a 1. I had him funneling himself through terrain to try to get at my guys, and was laying on the gunfire the whole time. Unfortunately for Paul, he moved his mobs in such a way that they would not get cover saves against my preds...

On my turn my other two preds came on and all hell broke loose. At this point, every thing but a Rhino was on. I lined up my two furioso dreads and torched almost an entire boy mob. Dante jumped ahead and melted the nob truck, sending it kareening away. My preds opened fire on the boys, killing massive amounts... at one point he jokingly started swearing at me as I killed about 30 boys with my preds alone. He was NOT prepared. My furiosos and Death Company charged his nobs and mech boss... they went squish... initiative 5 furious charging rerolling misses 7 attack dreadnoughts are fearsome! My rhinos moved through terrain to line up for a turn 5 capture of his base.

Turn 5:
By this time, the game was over. Almost all of his boys were dead, dieing, or running away. I captured his objective and held my own, as well as 3 table quarters. The game mercifully ended with a 1 on turn 5. :) Sorry Paul!

He was illprepared for my army. He came to the table expecting to face something like my last army... not the shooty death he ran into. The Baal Preds were the MVP here, they killed no less then 80 orks and two trucks. Overwhelming fire power, strong precision assault, fast mobility and tactics left poor Paulies Orky head spinning. To be fair, again, my army was designed to be a counter to just what Paul played. Plus he does not get in many games and was more then a little surprised.

It was a great game Paul as always and fun to play. I needed max points, and got them. Fun stuff!


Jwolf said...

Man, it sounds like you should have kissed Pauly first there.

I'm a fan of the all reserves vs. Orks. They're headed towards you anyway, so why take Loota fire while they come to the buffet?

After two games, this win would put you a few points behind first place, in the ideal win zone.

jawaballs said...

:) I was a little worried at first, but then my Preds did their job...

After this game I ended up 6th from the top playing against the 5th guy, another Blood Angels player. I missed Fritz who was 3rd and playing right next to me. I will try to get that game 3 batrep up today. It was a fantastic game!

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