Winners for the first ever Jawaballs/Rogue Market give away!

Here are the three lucky winners for the first every Jawaballs and Rogue Market give away!

First Selected: DrewVolker
2nd Selected: JayLazer
3rd Selected: roullier10

DrewVolker won a Jawaballs painted Deathwing Terminator, and a how to paint video set from me, and brand new Box Set from Rogue market! Congratulations man.

Jaylazer and Roullier10 each won a how to paint video, paid for by Rogue Market.

So if you are one of the lucky winners, contact me and we can get your prizes to you! I will be running a painting contest soon. For my first one, it will be Blood Angels related... so sorry xenos scum! Once I have decided on the details, you will need to paint a new model for the contest... no pulling some old model out of a case that has already won every contest on the web. :) Be looking for more details to come.



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