How to paint Space Marines: Blood Angels Chest and shoulder pads.

I received a question about painting Blood Angels today I thought I would share with every one. Here it is.

I can't decide whether to paint the shoulder pads Red or Black, and on the Aquila, yellow or white! This is very frustrating and I'm desperate for input. What do you do and why? What do you like about the other options aswell?

Blood Angels? If you are playing codex Blood Angels, shoulder pads are red with black trim. Sgts have black with red trim. Highlight the black with a little Codex Grey, and HL the red as you do the rest of the power armor. Sgts have a yellow BA logo.

Their chest eagle? I paint each one differently to give variety. I usually do variations of brown, with yellow on top, with bleach bone to white. Wash them with Griphon sepia. Some are darker, some lighter. Sometimes I will do Shadow grey-codex grey-fortress grey-white. The shadow grey gives a nice cool accent to the red of the blood angels. I usually reserve the grey to white for sgts.


Parcival said...

"Blood Angels, shoulder pads are red with black trim. Sgts have black with red trim."

This surely is a nice combination, but Games Workshop itself doesn't stick to a single practice. The various Blood Angels publications throughout the years show different patterns to paint Blood Angels.

The shoulderpads of my Blood Angels are all red.

Gothmog said...

The old supplement codex only had one Assault Marine in their painting guide with Black Trim. Everything else had Red. Angels Encarmine had Black Trim, but also Black Backpacks.

Some people like adding the Black Trim. I personally thing sticking with a red trim is closer to Codex.

You can see some examples @

jawaballs said...

I think I got that from the "How to paint space marines" book. Dont quite remember since in the new codex the only marines with black trim on red pads are the attack bikers... Yah, looking in the old book, assault marines have red with balck trim, and reversed on the sgt. All sgts seem to have black with red trim. All others seem to have all red. So I suppose we can go with official colors as being All Red except for sgt who have black with red trim. Assault Marines have black trim? But there seems to be no standard.

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