Jawaballs Live! On MWG Vault.

Here is the link for you to catch my live show on the Miniwargaming Vault! CLICK HERE.

You can access the live show for free, but must be a vault member to watch the recordings of mine and all of the other great MWG content.  My live show airs every Tuesday at 8pm EST. I do a variety of painting and hobby projects, whatever is on my desk at the time, and do a Q and A session, answering all questions in the chat.

Tonight I will be discussing my Kickstart, and working more on my Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators and Land Raider!

Here is your chance to connect live with Jawaballs!

More to come.



knightyc said...

looking forward to it not been a show today must of all cancelled hope yours goes ahead ok :)

knightyc said...

Is the show on the channels not working for me??

Jawaballs said...

Sorry guys there was a hiccup. Next week we will have it sorted out!

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