The Walking Dead returns!

But do we care?


I can't believe I typed that. But it is true! I find myself not really caring about TWD...

Of course I will watch it. But the last few episodes of the first half of season three left me with nothing to write about!  That makes me sad.

Why?  But this is the best season yet... right?

Sure, we have more Michael Bay like action... we also have an easily Michael Bay sort of easily identifiable Good and Bad. We have sides. We have a hero and an anti hero. We have a plot, and a conflict and something to fight against thus creating drama and something to be over come.

We have The Last Samurai! We have Armageddon. We have Independence Day.

All fun to watch movies, but are any of them great?

Season three has turned TWD into a hollywood sort of block bluster show by spelling it all out for us.

I lament the loss of the farm!  Season two caught a lot of flack for that stupid and simple setting. But I counter that the farm was the genius of season two!

It left the drama up to the actors. The villains were within. Every one had their demons. There were no heroes! That is what made the farm so good. It left us to wonder, and interpret what the characters were thinking. Now there is no need. Gone are the Lori head games. Shane freak outs. Rick disbelief. (Scratch that... he still has that down.) Dale whining and us rooting for Glen to bang the hottie.

We have this guy...

Fans of the comic might like this dude, but I just don't see it. This picture is it! This is all he brings to the character. They may as well have created a puppet out of clay on a stick that looks like this, and had Jim Henson dance him around the screen.  The 'love' scenes between him and Andrea are just awkward  Especially when compared to the raw animal passion between her and Shane in the car. He delivers his lines with no variety at all, and his best scenes are when he is not speaking at all, but instead glowering at a bunch of zombie heads in aquariums.

We went from watching Shane descend into madness, in a believable and realistic downward spiral...

To J.J. Abrams "Lost" sort of snippets, slowly leaking the fact that The Governor is crazy.

I find myself just not caring. Especially when a prosthetic zombie head floating in water is just as good at acting out an emotion as this dude. (Maybe this is a nod to the fact that we are all insane... all already dead... all zombies?) Is that grief? or constipation...

It is not all horrible. We have some of the most powerful moments of television ever...

You could feel every ounce of pain...

I wanted to charge into the TV myself and help her...

But overall, I have found season three lacking. I miss the farm.

So with sort of eager anticipation, I find myself sorta looking forward to Sunday at 9 EST.

Here is to a better second half!



Will Wright said...

These mini half seasons do not help either.
Just as I get into it(being TWD,Dexter,Breaking Bad)the next episode is the half season finalle.
Totally ruined Dexter for me I was never able to make myself care enough to watch the last season.

But Jawa once all this Govenor story arc is concluded if it follows the book in any way,the story should shift into a Farm esque setting again but on a larger scale.

And if the good guys win on TV it is not hard to figure out where they go next.

Kristofer said...

I couldn't agree more. Although there's nothing better to watch at the moment.

This is no longer a story about a small group of people just trying to stay alive. Now it's a story about the good guys fighting the bad guys. What sets it apart, somewhat is the fact that they are fighting the evil dude to save themselves, and don't really seem to care about the misled people under his control...

But the faceless bad guys need somewhere to recruit more faceless bad guys, right? Can't have the audience actually feeling bad for both sides now can we? ^^

ShotDownMind said...

Thats the worst part. They are doing it all on purpose now, and we only give a damn because its the best of the worst right now.

Its all too bad, the first season was amazing.

...and that dirty thief Bella had it coming on some level!!

Zab said...

I miss the farm.

Classic Stockholm syndrome. You poor bastard.

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