Kickstart well under way! And the MWG Vault.

I launched my new Kickstarter  and in just a couple of days we have met over a third of my lofty goal!  That is outstanding!

What is a kickstarter? In case you missed it, HERE IT IS.

A kickstarter is an organization that helps dudes like me raise backing to launch new projects. In my case, it is my series of six new DVDs called The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Wargame Miniatures.

What are you getting? Each disc tackles different models and colors from both Games Workshop and Privateer Press. I am still working out how chock each disk with as much as possible, but I estimate about four hours of instruction for each set!

Disc One: Yellow and Red.  I am painting a Lamenter, Blood Angel and Khador Mechanik.  The lamenter alone is about an hour and a half of footage!

Disc Two: Blue and Green. I am painting an Ultramarine, Cygnar Warcaster, Tyranid, Dark Angel and Librarian

Disc Three: Bone and Grey. I am painting a Deathwing Terminator, Cryx Jack, Space Wolf and Grey Knight nonmetallic metal!

Disc Four: Black and White: I am painting a Ravenwing Biker, Death Company, White Death Company and Menoth jack.

Disc Five: Detailing and Hand Painting. I will be doing all the details, from gemstones, to power swords. Eye lenses, scopes, purity seals. Also I will be doing hand painting, skulls, scrolls, numbers and letters!

Disc Six: Hobby and Tools. You will see the tools of my trade. My paint station, and brushes. But also you will see how I do my basing, and make my award winning displays!

So get in on the deal now by VISITING HERE. You can have all six DVDs for 80 bucks. I am also offering digital versions of the discs.

As far as HD, I am producing them with as high HD quality as I can, and still fit every thing I have planned on disc.  I wish I could offer them all in 1080p, but it is just not possible as the Lamenters footage alone consumes almost 18 gigs of space.

Thank you for all of your outstanding support!

Also, my Jawaballs Live show is back on the air as part of the Miniwargaming vault. Be sure to check it out every Tuesday at 8pm EST!



EllisW said...

Backed your kickstarter!!! Excited to see this, your painting style is easy to follow and grasp. Can't wait to see these done

Will Wright said...

Almost halfway there only 5 days in,not too shabby.
Makes me think there might be a market for my Tank Weathering Method Hmmmmmmm

Jawaballs said...

Will email me at hotmail.

Anonymous said...

Will your black and white DVD help me with my Eldar Uthwe army or is it geared toward marine armies?

Jawaballs said...

I will be doing a Ravenwing Biker master class in black. Black armor is black armor whether it is marine or eldar! The Deathwing DVD will definitely help you with the bone part.

PsychoSquire said...

Hey Jawa, for future reference just run through the I-pass side, and go online and pay the fee when you get home.. it doesn't cost anymore than the toll to do it.

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