Lots of marines?

If you have not noticed, marines in the Dark Angel codex are much less expensive than Blood Angels!

We have always wanted to play a full company in a game. You know what I mean... 100 marines, proud and strong.  But with points and such, this has not really been possible!

Well now it is with the Dark Angels codex.

I forget the points exactly, but for 2k you get the fourth company:

Company Commander
x6 ten man tacticals with Plasma Cannon
x2 ten man Assault
x3 ten man Devastator. (Or was it two. I don't have my book in hand. Matters not, just look up the 4th company load out in the codex, whatever it says there, that is it!) I think I even squeezed in a couple rhinos.

Oh and each Dev squad has all plasma cannons, minus one or two to make the point cost.

The key is the cheaper units without vet sergeants. Azrael gives them army wide LD 10. So you don't need the vet!  With all of those Dark Vengeance tacticals floating around for cheap, now is the time to throw this army together. Bust out your book, point out the army, and ebay yourself some tacticals! Will the army win? Well, 6th Ed has become a game of attrition. 100 marines in cover are tough to kill in five rounds, and you have enough plasma to eat into the hoardiest of hoards. You are not going to beat some of the uber Sean Nayden Dark Eldar Beast Eldrad Combos from hell. Lots of Chaos dragons are probably going to burn your ass. But with some tactics you will have a chance to beat normal armies.

Have some fun!



pchappel said...

Maybe drop a few things for a few Rhinos to mitigate the Drake's damage? And/or bring a lot of missile launchers with flak rounds... Expensive, but... It is amusing watching them crash and burn to a Tac/Scout squad that "isn't a threat"... My DA tend to be Deathwing heavy, but I have actually been fielding the Banner of Devastation for the Salvo Bolters and the Tacs seem to do well that way... Won't be a full Company though at 2k :-)

Tossidin said...

I saw a similiar concept over at ytth some time ago, and it is quite interesting. 100 marines would be a real pain to get rid of, or even just push back from midfield, not to mention 80 of the marines are scoring:

Dark Angels:

Librarian w/JP+MB: 90
PG/MM Tacticals x10. 165.
PG/MM Tacticals x10. 165.
PG/MM Tacticals x10. 165.
PG/MM Tacticals x10. 165.
PG/MM Tacticals x10. 165.
PG/MM Tacticals x10. 165.

2F+1MB Assault Marines x10: 185
2F+1MB Assault Marines x10: 185

Blood Angels:

Librarian w/JP+MB: 125
2MG+1MB Assault Marines x10: 215
2MG+1MB Assault Marines x10: 215

Total: 2000

Jeff F said...

I played against a similar list with my BA jumper army; it did not go so well. Add in a dirt cheap 65-point Divination machine and those Plasma Cannon Devs are going to lay down some hurt.

General Oadius said...

great minds think alike! This is one of the first things that stood out for me. 10 marines @ 3+ are the same amount as 10 scouts(BA codex) with a 4+. Add the banner of devastation where the bolters become salvo 4 and you've got some dakka.....

Sean said...

Im not gona lie I may break my salamanders out and play some full company marine with them for kicks on occasion. My boys are already a dark enough green that people ask if they are dark angels.

By the by my beast cheese won templecon a few weeks ago chris.

Jawaballs said...

Yah I heard Sean! Grats. Bring that big slab of cheddar to Adepticon and own! I hope you crush people. I will be rooting for you. :) Next time I go to a tournament you are at I am going to bring nothing but flamestorm cannons. Baal Predators and Redeemers! :)

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