Gearing up for The Warstore Weekend!

I will be playing my Tau at Mechanicon at The Warstore Weekend!

I love that Mechanicon has hooked up with Neal and The Warstore. Mechanicon is my favorite GT and Neal is my favorite vendor of crack!  I attended last year and the event was a lot of fun despite the gloomy impending hurricane that would go on to knock out the Jersey coast and power for weeks in the Northeast...

The Mechanicon itself is one of the best GTs in the country because puts the focus on fun and the hobby rather than beating face. Sure face gets beaten, but at least it is going to be by a beautiful army created by a dude who loves the hobby part as much as the gaming!  Mechanicon routinely gathers up the nicest armies I have seen at any GT and the folks, including Tony Spino who runs it all are the nicest I have met.

But The Warstore Weekend is more than just Mechanicon. The Colonial GT is now also part of the weekend!  TCGT is running a Warhammer Fantasy GT and it looks to be a step in the right direction for growing the con.  Neal has it down. Come up with a good idea, and surround yourself with good people to make it happen. The Mechanicon and Colonial folks are just that.

I know from experience that the Warmachine events are huge as well.

That, coupled with the gaming demos and other fun makes The Warstore Weekend a must do for guys in the Northeast! Plus it is at a super convenient location. East Brunswick NJ is just over the bridges and convenient to any one from Maine to Virginia!

Hope to see you guys there!



Will Wright said...

East Brunswick?Better take your GPS/valuables in the store with ya ;)

David Hillström said...

what will your armylist be?:)

Jawaballs said...

Not final yet but:

Suit commander with the buffing gear

x2 20 man kroot squads with dogs
x2 12 man Fire Warrior squads

x3 5 man pathfinder

x2 3 man missile broadsides

x2 riptides

1 Farseer
1 3 man bike squad

I am toying with dropping a riptide and adding a Wraithknight... I will post about it soon.

Jawaballs said...

Boring army, but it is what i have that is close to finished...

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