The Jawaballs Mechanicon Army

Here is my 1850 list that I am taking to Mechanicon next weekend!

Suit Commander with Multi spectrum, COmand and Control and Puretide
No guns

12 man Fire Warrior
12 man Fire Warrior
6 man Fire Warrior
20 man Kroot with one Hound
10 man Krot with one Hound

3 man Broadside with missiles and smart missiles
3 man Broadside with Missiles and smart missiles

3 man Stealth suit
upgrade SGT
2 Marker drones
SGT with marker light and target lock and Drone Controller
Fusion gun

5 man pathfinder
5 man pathfinder
5 man pathfinder

Skyray Missile Defense
disruption pod

Riptide with Early Warning

As is in the pictures is about 80% complete.  All of the fire warriors are done as are the pathfinders. The Kroot need a lot of highlighting, as do the broadsides. The Riptides are mostly done just need some detailing and the Ethereal is just base coated.

I will post up better pics as I get the units done!



Tim said...

Congratulations! That is quite a feat of painting! Looks real nice.

Good luck at the event!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Tim. Tau are an AMAZING amount of work to paint. Especially compared to Blood Angels. First of all, I have more fire warriors in this army than models in my old BA army. (more or less) But also, they are so small and detailed. You really have to pay attention to all the edges, vs on marines where you have larger spaces upon which you rely on painting to get depth. (If you dont nail all the edges on Tau it shows.)

YourSwordisMine said...

Nice painting.

Glad to see a not completely cheesed out list.

apothecaryixii said...

heretic. army looks good see you at mechanicon.

Jawaballs said...

I know, I am ashamed. The worst part is that I have no real idea how to play this army and will probably get pounded on the tables. :) Come on new Blood Angels codex!

David Hillström said...

I'm curious, what did you do with a commander with no guns? :)

Werner Fernando Oroxon Ramirez said...

A commander without guns is the worst nightmare an opponent could face as it helps a tau unit to ignore cover on all weapons and reroll failed to hit shoots, usually best served on a riptide or side with railsides but even missilesides would benefit.

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