Jawaballs Live tonight at 7pm EST! Special Guest...

Hey guys tonight I will be broadcasting live. SEE THE SHOW HERE.

Tonight I will be continuing the conversation started last week comparing Melta Guns to Grav Guns. But also, I have a special guest!

My good friend Matt Loter of Prettiest Princess Games has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to publish his own table top board games of sorts called Glamazons: The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini. Visit THE KICKSTARTER HERE.

Here is some of the original artwork:

The premise of the game is a social bluffing game where you try to outwit your friends to get your Glamazon outfitted in the best armor possible, rather than the traditional skimpy G strap chainmail bikini.  Matt can explain it much better than I! But it sounds like lots of fun.

So tune in tonight to see the show at 7pm EST, and check out Matt's Kickstarter!



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