Warhamme 40k Blood Angels: How to paint Blood Angels Series ONE.

This set of videos will take the beginner or advanced painter from choosing brushes, through the sprue, to a nice table top quality space marine. Follow as I paint a 5 man Tactical Squad with a Flamer option. Check back every few days for more of the videos in the set. Each video lasts around 5 minutes. I am getting better at making them as I go so bear with me! Enjoy.

Here is a high res still shot of the Blood Angel I am painting for the video.
Warhammer 40k Blood Angels, space marine,Warhammer 40k Blood Angels, space marine

This Video is about choosing the proper brushes to get the job done. I go over which brushes I prefer when I paint.

This video goes over how I cut models from sprues, and gives a few useful tidbits of information.

This video covers priming and gives a few pointers.

This video is the 4th of the series, and covers painting the model Blood Red.

Getting to the meat of the series, this 5th video covers Inking using Flesh Wash.

This video covers post ink procedure, next is Highlights!

All of my videos are available in sets from my blog. For 10.00 you get the entire set of 22 Blood Angels videos plus high definition pictures. Simply find the link at the top of my blog for more info.

Thank you for your support!


jawaballs said...

Video 7 has been posted.

jawaballs said...

Video 8 has finally uploaded to youtube. It took 9 hours! I will have it linked to here tonight. The rest of this series will be coming shortly. Keep watching!

jawaballs said...

Video 8 and 9 are up.

jawaballs said...

Video 10 is up. I am having problems with 11, I have tried to upload it 9 times... dont know wth is happening.

jawaballs said...

Ok, the video set is done. There will be more available in a high definition set on DVD soon. Keep watching!

jawaballs said...

The first 5 videos of the set are available here. The rest of the set are available for purchase on DVD from my blog. The link is at the top right.

AngelOfBlood said...

can you pls send me your email adresse.
i want to send you some pictures of my models(blood angels).
and give me yor opinion to my models.

(my email is MAXIKING.g@web.de)

MfG AngelOfBlood

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