Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Vets with power weapons

Veteran assault squads are great. They cost only 10 more points then regular assault squads, and you can add extra marines to them one at a time. Most importantly, you can give the VAS 3 power weapons! I have played games just to see what happens where I used 3 VAS each with 3 power weapons and my poor opponent never knew what hit him. The problem with that force was that I was too off balaned... I had no range. Once I got into assault rolling 12 power weapon shots and 8 normal shots would make my opponents eyes bulge out! But I found it difficult to get there.

SOo, here is the real topic. I now use only one VAS. I have it equipped with 5 marines and 3 powers. What you guys think? Do any of you out go with that configuration?


RonSaikowski said...

I don't know about the configuration but I do know that power weapon wielding Marines are not to be toyed with even if you are wearing Terminator armour.

5 guys or 10... it's a squad I would have to deal with from a distance for sure.

I wonder though, how does the 5 man unit hold up? I suppose it's a good number, they can only contest objectives correct (they are not a troops choice?)

docrailgun said...

Personally, I like the 8-man squad with 3 power weapons and two special weapons: flamer/melta or the like. I'm going to try a flamer/flamer the next time I play. The price is equivelent to a 10-man RAS, and much more killy.

jawaballs said...

Correct, not a troop. And also Doc, adding 2 flamers to the squad makes them much more killy! I'm thinking 7 man squad with 3 powers and 2 flamers coming out of a drop pod once they are Assault pods!

RonSaikowski said...

Assault pods? Are Marines going to be able to assault out of drop pods now? I thought the new rulebook said units that arrive by deepstrike can't assault the turn they arrive unless they have aspecial rule saying otherwise.

I wonder if the new Marine codex will have give that special rule.

jawaballs said...

Rumor has it that drop pods, as of the new codex coming out, will be assault vehicles... The game will change dramaticly!

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