Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Baal Predator no good?

Soo, the Baal Predator. Is it worth taking or a waste of time? When I used it at Gamesday Baltimor 08, my opponents largely ignored it and saved it for last. One guy never even fired a shot at it, just let me drive it around all over the place like it was a golf cart. What the hell?? This thing is supposed to be the pride of Sanguinius. Soo, now I am looking at my Baal and evaluating its use in 5th edition. Its side sponsons are now considered main weapons...SOOO It cannot fire them after moving, and its Assault Cannons. PLUS rending has been reduced... Is any one still going to use this relic or is it time for Mothballs?


RonSaikowski said...

On principal alone I would field one, it's the signature tank as you say of the BA.

It appears that it needs to be in a position close enough that it can park and then it becomes a threat (being able to shoot all of it's weapons).

So for Capture and control, it makes the perfect objective guard, for Seize it looks like it would make the perfect followup unit for grabbing objectives, rush your guys in and this thing can come behind and keep the perimeter secure. Like a deterent.

As for kill points, it's only one point.

I would say keep it and see how it fares for a few games before you drop it for a couple of rules changes.

Anonymous said...

18" = +6
tank = +1
AV 13 front = +3
S 10 hit!

Also, the overcharged engines make it a Fast vehicles, so it can (possibly) move up to 6" and shoot everything, or up to 12" and shoot its main weapons (and defensive weapons).

jawaballs said...

What he hell..ramming?? I gotta get the new book! Does the Baal survive this ram? Kill points? Lol, I feel so uninformed. My book will be here monday!

Anonymous said...

Let's see... +6 for its move, so it would depend on how much over AV 10 the side of the vehicle the Baal was ramming had.

So, ramming a LR's front armor might be bad (S 12 hit on the Baal?) but an AV 11 Rhino/Razorback/Whirlwind/etc would only be S 8 in return (+6, +1 armor, +1 for being a tank).

I would love to run some Baals, but I'm not sure I'll use the BA COdex once the new Marine Codex comes out. If the rumors are true, the only things the BA has going for it rulewise are overcharged engines, DC, their special characters, and the Baal. That is a goodly amount of things, though.

Somewhat_Damaged said...

you cant take more than a str10 hit, ever.

Baal's are just as good as before due to the overcharged engines. use them every turn, and if they go off you can move 6" and fire everything.

jawaballs said...

Ahh, so if the OCE goes off, then they will be the only marine tank that can move, and fire its main weapon and side sponsons... I also heard rumors about a soon to be released published BA codex, and in the meantime there will be an addendum or something to the BA codex. Any one hear any thing bout that?

jawaballs said...

And I will still play my Blood Angels. I dont know how it works out pointwise, but assault squads can take off their jump packs and take a drop pod instead. With the new drop pod assault rule, I could take Troop and Elite assault marines with free pods, and each squad comes with a DC. I hear they are raising the prices on marines and equipment, so Im hoping that a BA assault pod force might be the best.

RonSaikowski said...

Somewhat_Damaged: Why can't you take a hit greater than STR 10? Are you refering to the mechanic where powerfists double the users str up to 10 max?

I don't see anywhere in the rules where it says the max STR hit from ramming can only be 10.

Thanks for your help with this.

Puma said...

The general argument about hit strength is the line saying that attributes having a maximum of 10, but there is also a line stating that vehicles' attributes not having those limits.
I'm not saying that Somewhat_Damaged is quoting this, but I've seen it elsewhere.

CrusherJoe said...

Considering I play Ultras, the only way I get TL ACs is with the Crusader. There's nothing shabby about the AC now, even with nerfed rending, it's still a S6 weapon, and it still slaughters infantry better than anything short of a pie plate...so I say keep using it!

Joe said...

can somebody give me advice i collect blood angels and iam thinking of buying a vehicel and want either a baal predator or a land raider redemer I want the vechile to help the blood angels as they advance please can somebody help me chose

jawaballs said...

Forget the LR Redeemer. If you want to play that, you might as well play Crimson Fists and take Pedro Cantor. Take the Baal! For the cost of the LRR you can take two. Give it a Storm Bolter and that is 12 shots per tank that you can unload on infantry. Plus, you are Blood Angels. BA would take the Baal.

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