Warhammer 40k Blood Angels: Battle Report 3000 points Eldar and Blood Angels vs dirty stinking heretic vanilla marines.

The following was cut and pasted from my friends blog http://saimhann.blogspot.com/ thanks Fred!

Recon City Fight 3000 points

Fellow 40K Blood Angel player Chris and I have recently become quite the 40K hustlers at the local gaming shop, waiting like tigers to pounce on the unsuspecting. Being the only 40K store in lower Westchester the place is always full with both regulars and guys who roll in from time to time. Most of the games are @ 1750 points as the regulars like to practice and work on their Games Day and GT armies, while there is always a player or two who shows up and want to play 3000 points of X. This is where we step in offering to team up with 1500 points of Blood Angels and 1500 points of Saim-Hann vs. the other players 3000. What they don’t know is that both of us have tailored our lists to work in synergy with the Blood Angels supplying the assault and my Saim-Hann providing shooty and psychic exploitation. Once we get rolling and start busting out the combined forces it quickly becomes apparent it isn’t a random team up. Beyond this, with the paint quality of our armies and matching colors it looks sexy as hell on the table.

For 5th I’ve changed my 1500 list a bit taking a group of storm guardians, dire avengers, a fire prism, two vypers, and a mass of jetbikes lead by a warlock with conceal and a jetbike farseer with guide and fortune- all backed by cheesy Eldrad. Blood Angels take a plasma heavy devastator squad, vindicator, death company, assault marines, and two furioso dreadnoughts in drop pods. Tactics for the most part have the Blood Angels advancing covered by my vypers and fire prism as my guardians and avengers are held on our side of the table as a counter force to any infiltrators or deep strikes, while my jetbikes flank the far side. Into this mix are the two drop pod dreads who come in behind the enemy hitting them with flame throwers and melta guns.

Our opponent for this game had two terminator squads deep striking in led by a librarian, four rhinos full of marines, two devastator squads backed with missile/h-bolters, a las dread, predator, and a full assault squad lead by a chaplain.

Mission was recon with one token placed on our side, one on the opponents, and once in the center left of the board. We deployed first placing the vindicator and BA devastators in a building with Eldrad with a clean line of sight and range to the center token, as the BA assault marines took cover behind the building with the Vindicator. My fire prism and vypers took center with the guardians and avengers back hiding to cover the objective on our side of the board, while my jetbikes went all the way over to the left to give the impression they were going to streak ahead to the objective in my opponent’s board. Our opponent deployed his rhino’s forward covering them with the dev. squads and predator/dread while his assault marines deployed all the way to the right, perfect for flanking us which would have been a good plan except that I had already anticipated and wanted this. With Eldrad on the table I moved my jetbikes to the right now ready to make a clean run to the assault marines and then flank our opponent the Eldar way. We started the game with Eldrad casting guide on the BA devastators along with fortune on the vindicator and BA devs- a killer combo which we do each turn- re-rolling cover saves for both the devs and the vindicator, which when in 4+ cover makes them all but un-killable.
BA assault squads hold back as the death company move out to draw out the opponent as my fire prism, vypers, and the BA devs fire on the missile launcher dev. squad wiping them out. On the right side my jetbikes move out behind a grouping of buildings setting up for an attack run on the assault marines.

Our opponent rolls up the rhino’s popping smoke as his devs. return fire on the BA dev squad and vindicator to no effect. Turn two has my jetbikes swinging around fortuned and guided by my farseer which must have been a scary sight for my opponent moving over the buildings causing them to suddenly appear as if out of nowhere. Now at this point I should have also brought around my fire prism and vypers for additional fire support but my Eldar arrogance got the best of me turning the vypers and prism away to get some easy devastator squad kills. BA devs and vindicator popped two rhinos, as my fire prism took down one while the BA assault marines streaked forward to engage. Rolling for my jetbike shots was crap even with the guide ,wound ok, but I only managed to kill five- leaving five and the chappy! – forcing me to assault to deny litanies, and get the extra attack for the charge. I actually won the assault with my warlock conceal negating two crozius attacks as I took down two marines- could my jetbikes pull it off?

As our opponent’s marine advanced and the surviving rhino’s dropped off their marines they rapid fired the BA assault marines downing a few as the devs. and las-dread continued pumping shots into the fortuned vindicator. My jetbikes continued to hold passing their leadership test from loosing three bikes while I whittled the assault squad down to only the chaplain.

Taking our turn the first dreadnought came in and dropped right next to our opponent’s objective marker as it popped the predator with a melta shot to rear armor, while the BA devastators took out a full tactical squad with the three plasma cannons shots, vindicator dropped another tac squad and my fire prism and star cannon vypers strafed a third.

Opponent’s turn had his terminators coming in- one group with the librarian near our objective and the other near my jetbikes, which I guess worked out well after all since he had to divert a termie squad there far away from any objectives even to foot/run it since my jetbikes had to be taken care of. Terminator fire hit my storm guardians killing two as some more shots took down a few BA assault marines. Librarian tried his powers but was shut down by my runes. Cleaning up the BA assault marines hit the remaining devastators near our opponent’s objective while the second dreadnought drop pod came in near the terminators backed by my vypers storm guardians, ‘prism, and BA assault marines taking care of them as my dire avengers advanced taking the center left objective. Next turn had my jetbikes getting wiped out by the terminators, with the game ending on turn 5- Blood Angels and Saim-Hann controlling three objectives vs. 0 for our marine opponent.


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