Warhamme 40k Blood Angels: New Rumors, Dante's Assault!!

I just heard a rumor about a new appocalypse box set coming out that includes 100 marines, Dante and 3 Thunderhawks. Can any one find a link to this some place??? How awesome! Hopefully the set will include lots of Blood Angels incon stuff like in the Black Templar upgrade box. Cant wait for new SM codex!


RonSaikowski said...

I thought it was an Apoc formation but I'm not sure... after 1500 points I don't know what happens.

Somewhat_Damaged said...

you got it a tad wrong.

its an apoc FORMATION not a box.
Its Dante a ton of marines deployed in 3 thunderhawks. will set you back around 3k points; probably more.

would also be ridiculously expensive to get everything needed for the formation.

jawaballs said...


Somewhat_Damaged said...

saw the rules for this sheet today:

3 thuderhawks (one must be a command t.hawk)
Dante+honour guard
Chaplain+9 DC
4 10man assault squads
2 10man tac squads
1 10 man veteran assault squad

for the chapter!: gives the army: vital objective, orbital bombardment and one other i cant remember

Dante's Thunderhawk: all models within 12" gets a 4+ invulnerable save

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