Warhammer 40k Blood Agels: Love my Devs!

Ok, I LOVE my Devastators. I use a 10 man Dev squad in my force, equipped with 3 Plasma Cannons and 1 Lascannon. They are outstanding! In the last game we played, I teamed up with and Eldar player against 3k points of generic marines. My Devs killed an 8 man Dev squad equipped with 4 missle launchers, an 8 man Dev squad equipped with 4 Lascannons, 6 remaining men in a 10 man tac squad, plus a pesky Rhino that was running around tank shocking every one. They also came damn close to knocking out a Dreadnought equiped with a Lascannon and Missle Launcher, but only immobilized it instead. Plasma Cannons are just awesome in 5th edition. Yah, they scatter, but you dont have to roll to hit, and that scatter number is modified by their weaponskill of 4, soo, you have to roll like 8 or higher to totally miss your target.. They owned in that last game. Put them in cover and they get a 4+ save against every thing, and to make them truely sick, my partner in the game used Eldrad to Fortune and Guide them... Love them Eldar Powers. So there you have it, Use them Devastators!


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