Blood Angels at the 2008 Grand Tournament

So as you know I am playing my Blood Angels at the 2008 GT. My list has been posted here and discussed in depth, but I am making a change. I am removing the Vindicator and adding a Speeder with MultiMelta/Heavy Flamer and an Attack Bike with MM. The Vindicator has been underperforming and I think that the other two units will make my army much stronger. They will both have a gun that is even more likely to destroy tanks and wound Giant Bugs, And they both have mobility. They can zoom in and contest objectives. I am giving the speeder the missle launcher also. While it is not as good as the new SM codex one, it is still a template from 4 feet away. Like a mini Whirlwind. More to come on these... I will be playing them on Sunday and Monday.

This post is atually about my display and my efforts to claim Players Choice. I can care less about Best general or Best Overall. Those guys are going to be the power gaming uber army players. I'm not about that part of 40k, and will likely never win one of those awards. My sights are set on Best Appearence, and Players Choice. This is my first GT but I think I have a chance, and believe me, if I do not win, I will not be disappointed. Some of these guys have been doing this for decades, I have been doing it for a year and a half. I think Best Appearence voting is a little skewed. I think that the GW judges might be a little biased towards regulars that they recognize. Also, that one is determined by Battle Points in the case of a tie... :( So I dont have high hopes for that one, but I think where I might shine is Players Choice. This is picked entirely by the players, and their favor can be influenced. Here is what I have planned:

Life Size 2nd Company Banner
Fully painted and beautiful army with authentic squad markings and banners
Cool Display of a battle between the BA and some Orks who were routed.
A custom made wooden case. I wont get too much into details because im sure some guys who will be competing will be reading this, but it will include cool compartments and hand made and illustrated army lists... :)

My friend The Warmaster Black Matt won Players Choice last year and he had a fantastic display, but I think I can compete!

I know, the comptetition will be stiff and I have no disilusions of victory... but I think if I have a chance at any thing at the GT, it is Players Choice. I will be uploading pics right before the GT.


RonSaikowski said...

Wow, you really are going all out aren't you.

If your display base looks as good as your force, I don't see why you can't compete with the big guys there... even if you've only been doing it for a year.

Fritz said...

Preview Pics...

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