Brothers Grim Tournament battle report

October 19, 2008
Brothers Grim, Selden, NY

At this tournament I played 3 games, and finished 6 out of 12. The competition was VERY strong. Of all the players, I would easily say I was one of the least experienced. Most of the guys were VERY experienced guys who participated in 'ard boys tournaments. Most of the armies were marines, which is a sign of things to come.

Game 1: Orks Major Victory plus 3 points Blood Angels 2 points

At random, I was paired up against the guy who created Battle Wagon Bitz! He was a cool guy and a great player. His army, a huge Ork army with a killer Nob Squad all but rolled over my Blood Angels. I fired my entire army at his Nobs and didnt kill a single model! I only wounded one. Then I was short on the assault... ouch. By the end of turn two it was pretty much over. Dante, Honor Guard, Baal Pred, my dreads, pretty much every thing was knocked out. I gave him a fight though! My RAS ran for glory, and charged his Lootas on a far hill. I jumped them right into the thick of them, making their dangerous terrain test, then assaulted, killing the bunch of them. For a brief moment I held the hill... But they were wiped out the next turn. By the bottom of turn 5 I think I had knocked out 2 of his squads and all I had left was a 7 marine tac squad. The game ended with him earning a huge victory, but I still scored 2 points because I killed his heavy support, and he didnt have a fast attack.

Game 3: Nids. I won every battle point and objective.

This game was straight forward. The only defense I know of for Nids is to hunker down, using terrain to slow the advance. We placed terrain, and I set up one side to facilite that, then I won choice and got to pick my side. But alas, I forgot about flankers. I deployed Dante, his HG and the RAS close to a table edge. He brought in 2 squads of 8 Genestealers on that side, and one on the other side. The 16 stealers assaulted Dante, and the 2 squads. The HG would die entirely. Dante lived the first charge. Next turn, my DC came in though and I charged them in to save Dante. I would wipe out all of the stealers and have 4 RAS and 4 DC left but it was costly... Then more stealers came. Two more squads would eventually come in on that side and charge me. But heroicly, 2 of my RAS, and 2 DC would survive the assaults. Brother Corbulo was hanging outside the assault and saving lives. I was getting creative with hiding the rends. I managed to stack 4 rends on ONE GUY! That saved 2 other lives. The stealers who came in on the other side had to face at least an 18 inch charge down the barrel of my Baal's 12 shots. I cut them all down. The scary part was his main charge. He deployed a hive tyrant in the center of the board with a large squad of gaunts. The Tyrant had 3 body gaurds with 2 wounds each. He had 2 lichtors coming in and 3 carnifexs that were forced to charge from the opposite table egde unfortunately for him. I held my ground until he moved his gaunts, lichtor and Tyrant into range, then I moved up my dreads and flamers, doused them with Liquid Prometheum, then charged. None would survive. My dreads ran through the tyrant, but he took one down. The next one moved on to engage a carnifex. My DC would engage the other. The lichtor would die to flame. We called it mid turn 5. He had a fex falling back, one engaged with DC and 1 wound left, and one engaged with a Furioso. My tac squad was about to flame then charge his gaunts. He had no synapse left. It was a total rout.

I would eventually score enough points to place 6th overall.

The highlight of the day though was my Blood Angels winning Best Painted! The prize was a Drop Pod box set. Most of the armies looked very nice, but the best were unfinished. I had mine on display board and I even had my full sized banner for good measure. It doesnt count in the scoring, but that doesnt mean it wont influence judgement. :)

What about Fritz? He played Black Templars. He would go on to win 3rd overall, and 2nd place in painting... :) Sadly brother, any tournament you attend with me, you will always be second in... Hehe. Over all it was a great day and I cant wait for their next tournament.


RonSaikowski said...

Congrats on the wins guys.

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

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