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Hi all. pastiepete from my Youtube subscribers sent me a great question about his army list. I thought I would copy and paste the Q and A here for all.

Question about SM.
I am some what new to the game, and yes i did order the BA dvd's on painting. I was just wandering what chapter is going to be good for 5th ed as SM goes?
I looked into 40k about 6mnths back and picked blood angels but was going to go and all out Assault army style.
Chaplin with jetpack
9x DC with jet packs
7x Vet ASS. with 3 PF
7x Vet ASS. with 3 PF
10x ASS. with PF
10x ASS. with PF
5x ASS. with PF
5x ASS. with PF
2x Baal with HB Spons.
54 marines 10 PF and 2 baal's
Was my Idea For 2000 pts and 56 models
But I am a noob in the art of 40k tactics and army building.


I tried the all assault BA army, and it gets owned by any army with ranged stuff. First of all, drop the chaplain. Take Dante, always. Dante grants every model within 12" rerolls on every CC attack. Chaplain only grants it on the charge. With Dante's leadership 10, you wont need to worry about leadership tests for fearless. Also take Corbulo. He gives your guys Furious Charge which is KEY. He cannot wear a JP but thats ok, trade in one of your ASS jump packs for a rhino and attach him to that squad, move the rhino up behind your assault forces and they will get his Furious Charge. Drop the extra DC. Use those points to buy Land Speeders upgraded with Multi Meltas and Heavy Flamers. Try to get 2. You can drop one of the Baals to do so. Try to get an Attack Bike with Melta.

1 Baal
10x ASS with PF
5x ASS with PF
any extra Death Company

1 Attack Bike Multi Melta
2 Speeders MM and Heavy Flamer
Extra Armor, Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolter on Baal
Rhino (xtra armor)
Tactical Squad 1
+5 Marines
Tactical Squad 2
+5 Marines
Plasma Cannon

Play with the points to make it work. Drop more assault guys and add what you can. 3 powers in your VAS is overkill. Drop them down to 1. Instead of a VAS take an Honor Guard with Dante's Chapter Banner. Add flamers to your VAS/HG. Play defensive. Plop your Tac squads on objectives and fire their heavies. Use your ASS to support Dante his HG and Vets, but dont commit them unless you are sure they will survive. Charge them in the second round of an assault to clean it up, that way the enemy cannot hit them back, they have to hit models they are already engaged with... They will last longer. Also, Use them to grab objectives. Consider a Devastator squad. Use as many template weapons as you can. The Whirlwind has a shot that denies cover saves. You will face more and more Orks and other horde armies so flamers and blast templates from Plasma Cannons and the WW are important.

Your army as it is now will win games if the conditions are right. They need lots of cover to jump behind before they get into assault. If they lack that cover... they are dead. AP 2 weapons will slaughter them wholesale. They are a little too focused on Assault.

Check out my blog. http://warhammer40kbloodangels.blogspot.com/



You will find my army list there, and lots of other advice. I am going to copy and paste this into my blog since it is a good question and good info. Any further questions, ask there! :) Thanks for buying my vids. Jawaballs


jawaballs said...

Oh yah, stick with Blood Angels. Salamanders look like they will be the army to beat from the new SM codex, but BA can hold their own, and you will be respected for playing them. Black Templars deserve some attention too. Check out my posts in They Shall Know no Fear.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the mighty Jawaballs has written here.

Plasma cannons and Whirlwinds are the way to go... people don't expect it from BA armies. Don't be afraid of "Gets Hot!". It doesn't happen very often.

While the DC is an pretty decent unit in combat, they're better at being a diversion. More than once I've put them in front of two dreadnoughts (including a Furioso), and not a single shot will come down on the Dreads until the DC are all dead. The DC isn't that much better than a squad of VAS or Honor Guard. But, they're "free", so smoke 'em if you got 'em.

jawaballs said...

DC are like a VAS but they only have Power Weapons if they roll a 6 to wound. Chances are, any thing that will hit them will do at least a few power weapon wounds... FNP doesnt protect them. They certainly arent worth buying extra ones at 35 points a model. In my army, they form a moving wall for my Furioso Dreads. My opponent knows that they have to kill the DC so they ignore the dreads... Their loss, my gain, the Death Company get their wish...

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